Wednesday 31 July 2019

Vets, Pets and Vaccines

This week has seen our pet pooch Max, heading off to the vet's for his annual vaccines. I always feel a wee bit mean, possibly more so than I did when it was my daughter's going to the Doctor's for their vaccinations; I'm not entirely sure what that says about me and I probably don't want to know either, though I have a sneaking suspicion, I could be considered a crap mum! Anyway, I knew where I was going to be taking the little chap, and as horrid as the weather forecast looked yesterday, I felt obliged to try and dodge the clouds and take him for a nice walk, or perhaps a nice sniff, since that is what he seems to do more of. You may have caught his last post (cheeky chap), where he pretty much admitted to sniffing more than usual to get me back for having his hair cut! If you didn't, you can catch up here.

A Happy Max Before His Vaccines at the Vets

Monday 29 July 2019

Me Time

Last Friday, I waved my girls off for a week's holiday with their Dad. It was an interesting affair. Miss. D was a bit stroppy because Dad was early (or something) and she was still trying to soak off her acrylic nails (which she had put on for her prom) and as any of us who have ever had acrylics will know, they are a bugger to get off and require more patience than most sixteen year old girls have. So when she left she was in a rush because, one cannot be seen with some nails on and some nails off, even if you are travelling from one home, by car, to another with no stops along the way. Miss. L wasn't super happy either, but for different reasons. She's not been too well recently and is currently waiting to see CAMHS after her holiday. She'd spent most of the previous week glued to me, which to be honest, has been rather nice, but it meant we had a few tears when she was leaving. After a bit of reassurance from myself and her father, she was off and even managed a little smile when Max waved her off with his paw.

Wednesday 24 July 2019

My Revenge

Hello, it's me, Max. Did you forget me? I been away a long time. I tried really hard to get to Mummy's laptop thingy, but her was on it ALL the time doing something called 'work.' It not good enough, little orange me needs to talk to all you lovely peoples, not just the peoples I live with. Tween me and you, me get a bit bored with them sometimes, even Sparkle cat is a girl. It not easy living with girls. It also not good, girls want you to smell like a girl. Little me spends a long time getting nice and scruffy and smelly, just the way I like to be and then, they take me to the place of bubbles and brushes and lots of other nasty clean stuffs. When me leaves I look like this...

Sunday 21 July 2019

About Calories

Calories! The bane of most over 30's lives. They're the reason we watch what we eat and why some people choose to reduce themselves to a sweaty, Lycra clad mess, for an annual small fortune at a local gym. Not that I'm judging, if that's what floats your boat, then you go for it; I'd rather dress in a more flattering manner and trudge several thousand steps a day, come rain or shine (more shine) with our little orange doggy, but again, that's not everyone's cup of tea, especially when you factor in picking up poo. Anyway, back to the point, calories, those pesky things that stop us from even having one dessert, let alone the two we had back in our teens and twenties.

Monday 15 July 2019

A Day in Dover

It's no surprise to those of you who know me, but one of my favourite places to spend a day out, is Dover Castle. I absolutely love it, and the only thing that can possibly make it better is a warm, sunny day, with views across the channel to France. Yes, you really can see France! One day, I shall take my passport with me and hop on the next ferry to the land of fresh baguettes, mouth wateringly, gorgeous cheese, and vats of lush wine...but I digress, a sunny, clear day at Dover Castle is hard to beat.

Dover Castle, Kent

Monday 8 July 2019

It's Time to Get Started - Again

It's been a long, long time since I did anything with my blog and if I'm honest, I feel a wee bit guilty about it. I mean once upon a time, I had a lovely posting routine, I got to chat to you all regularly and, well, it was just a little bit awesome. Then it all went pear shaped (bit of an understatement, I know) and I had to find me and try to rebuild my life. Part of that involved starting the business up, but in doing so, poor Little Orange Dog has been very neglected (obviously, I'm talking about the blog, not our 'actual' little orange doggy). Now, I think it may be time to start over and well, get a bit serious about this blogging lark again.