Wednesday 20 September 2017

Seize the Moments

A couple of evenings ago, D and I chatted about change and particularly how I have changed over the past (almost) six months.

It stemmed from a bit of an outburst from Miss. D (with a little support from Miss. L) when we suggested climbing Snowdon next Summer. Anyone would have thought we'd suggested we pack a few sandwiches, some sunscreen and a warm coat and take a hike up Everest! It was all very hormonal and ended with her taking herself up to bed (to be fair, she isn't very well at the moment).

Monday 18 September 2017


Can you believe it? D only went and abandoned me for almost a whole week. I know disgraceful behaviour, how dare he? He did though, he upped and left with his best mate! And did they just pop to the pub? No. No they did not, they drove all the way to Scotland, and when I say Scotland I am talking way, way north to the mountains. I'm still not convinced that their Gretna Green stop was really just a refreshment break, but neither of them seems to have come back wearing a wedding ring, so we'll just let that one lie.