Thursday 22 August 2019

GCSE Results Day

Well it's finally here, the big day. The day that teens across the country have been anxiously awaiting, or dreading, or attempting to ignore at all costs in the vague hope it won't arrive. Whatever, the long wait is over and the results of all those exams is finally over. Up and down the country 16 year olds have miraculously prised themselves out of their much loved beds and are school bound. I'll be honest, this is all a wee bit alien to me, our 'O' Level and CSE results (yes I am that old) were posted to us, there was none of this going to school during the holidays. In hind sight, I would have preferred going to collect them rather than sitting, worrying and looking out for the postman, but that's all in the past. Today it's off to school and it's time for envelopes to be opened, and futures to begin.

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Julie May Lingerie Review

Now I’m not sure how much common knowledge this may be, but certainly amongst close friends and family, I am known for my love of underwear and my need to wear matching undies. This has caused much amusement to many people. Over the years I have relaxed a little, but even if the undies are not from the same collection, they must be matching in colour; also a very important rule, they can only not be matching if they are plain, simple undies, if they’re lacy or fancy in any way, then they absolutely have to be from the same collection. In short, if the undies don’t match, I feel uncomfortable all day and less confident (don’t ask me why, it’s not like anyone can see I’m unmatching, but that’s how it is).

Anyway, as usual I have digressed somewhat, the point of the undies talk is that I am a very lucky and very happy girl, because the lovely folk at Julie May were kind enough to let me review their beautiful Serenity range.

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Left-Handers Day 2019

Are you left-handed or do you know a left-hander? Well today is Left-Handers day and since we have a left-hander in the family, namely Miss D, it seems only right that we at least acknowledge it and maybe even treat her to something to make her life just a wee bit easier.

That said, she was a very lucky girl when she started school in reception class. She had two teachers, one of whom was left handed, and a left handed teaching assistant. This helped her tremendously. I know some left handed children can really struggle in school because the way in which they form their letters is different, not to mention nothing is set up for them, but having teaching staff who understood, meant we avoided that and I have never, ever seen a single smudge in any of her school books throughout her entire school career! Scissors are still an issue though and I really should invest in a pair just for her.


Saturday 10 August 2019

Forget Me Not

OK, the title may be a little misleading, so if you're expecting to read a piece on horticulture and the delicate, but beautiful, little blue flower, Forget Me Not, or to use it's Latin name (I've done my homework here) myosotis sylvatica, you will likely be somewhat disappointed. However, I do aim to please, so let me share with you some fun facts which I have gleaned from my flora and fauna research (the rest of you, bear with me here and/ or prepared to be blown away by my channelling of my inner Charlie Dimmock - minus the bust, she has far more 'bustage' going on than myself).

Now, back to the humble Forget Me Not. Not only is it pretty, but my reading has shown that it flowers in spring, will pretty much grow anywhere, in any kind of soil and it doesn't care if it's in full or partial sun, and the best part, it doesn't need pruning! I'm thinking this could be a plant for me, because I am not known for my gardening expertise, so the easier and less fussy the plant the better! And, it's the state flower of Alaska,  I bet you didn't know that; unless you're Alaskan, or know all your US state flowers, or you're just one of those really clever people.

Forget Me Not Flowers

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Days Out in Kent

It's fair to say that the summer holidays are long and daunting, particularly if you have little ones that need a wee bit more entertaining than my two teenage girls. That said, even teens need to be dragged out of their rooms from time to time for a good dose of vitamin D. I find it's easier to persuade them out if you tell them they can bring a friend. This may sound like an expensive day out, but some years ago I took the plunge and joined English Heritage as a Family Member. It's paid for itself so many times over, because my membership allows me to get a shed load (OK, just a car load) of kids in free. This was particularly helpful, when Miss D wanted to take a friend to Dover Castle for History GCSE revision. We have some fantastic places to visit for days out in Kent, and a lot of the English Heritage sites put on special days for the school holidays.

Days Out in Kent