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I'm a single mum in my 40's (ok, my mid 40's) to two gorgeous girls, a little black and white cat and of course our Little Orange Dog, Max.

I've been a single parent for around five years now and whilst it's not always a walk in the park it does feel easier now, than when the girls dad and I were married. I think perhaps, it's because we are generally both happier and more relaxed apart and make sure the girls are number one priority. I do sometimes miss having someone else around to help with parenting, and as an only child whose parents are elderly and don't live nearby, I can feel very isolated , but I try to fill those times by distracting myself. Max usually benefits the most from my lonely times, as dog walking is the best antidote I've found; not only do you get some exercise in the fresh air, but you usually end up chatting to a number of other dog walkers. Win, win situation!

Growing up, I spent hours writing stories and really only stopped when I met the girls dad. I seemed to stop writing, but found a renewed love of reading. I love reading and would be completely lost without my Kindle (partly because I can increase the font size and pretend I don't need glasses for reading). I'm hoping this blog will help me to get back into writing whilst sharing my experiences of parenting a teen and a tween. Wish me luck, I think I may need it!

Before I end this little section, you do also need to know. I love tea. If it snows, I will panic buy teabags! Oh and I adore sloths.

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