Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Celebrating Wednesday's #33

Well here we are three weeks into the New Year. Have you reverted to writing 2017 yet or are you still on a roll remembering it's now 2018? Anyway, here we are midway through the third week of a New Year and let's be honest, the weekend is still too far away, so let's settle down with a cuppa and find out what today's special day is.

I'm not sure if this is something to celebrate, or commiserate to be honest, but today is...

Monday, 15 January 2018

A Safe Place

It's no secret that I have been really struggling for the past few months. At the beginning, I tried reaching out to people, but when it didn't work the inevitable happened and I was caught in a downward spiral, not stopping until I hit rock bottom. Let me tell you, rock bottom is not a place you want to be. If you're unfortunate enough to have visited, you will know the emotional and physical pain that accompanies this hideous destination.

Being my own worst enemy, I then proceeded to beat myself up because I wasn't able to get myself better. I knew exactly what I should do, but the irrational side of me was shouting down my rational self. I felt weak, and thanks to my anxiety isolated, lost, alone and rejected by everyone. I felt that I wasn't worthy of being loved, I wasn't worthy to even breathe the air everyone else shares and really not worthy of living.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Celebrating Wednesday's #32

Welcome back to our little mid-week celebration. You may, or may not have noticed our absence (it's OK, we're not judging), but a wee break has been required. However, we're back up and running now and what better way to return to blogging than by celebrating the weird, wonderful or just plain random days of the year.

Today, is indeed a wee bit 'random,' though in some ways, a relevant day for me. So let's just dive in and begin celebrating this Wednesday's Special Day...

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #31

It is officially the last Wednesday before Christmas, so I will wish you a happy one now, please try not to over indulge. I'm sure you've all got lots of last minute bits that need to be done, so I think today, perhaps we should just jump right on in and find out what we are celebrating.

However, before I do, I will say that although it is Go Carolling Day, I am not writing about it. I confess to not be a huge lover of the Christmas Carol.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #30

Well here we are once again slap bang in the middle of the week. How's it been? Good, bad, a bit of both? However it's been, let's take a few moments out, have a breather, a hot drink and relax while we set about finding out what this Wednesday has in store for us to celebrate.

Now, I'm going to be honest with you, I think this may be one you either love or hate. No, before you jump the gun, it is not Marmite, but yes it's true, you either love it or hate it, there is no in between. This could be considered the same, so if you are not a lover, I apologise, but it was the only celebration on my calendar today, so we're celebrating it.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #29

Hello and a very warm welcome to the middle of the week. Friday is too far away and Monday isn't far enough away. I find Wednesday a very odd day indeed. It's just a bit meh, isn't it? That's OK though because here we are to have a wee sit down with a cuppa and find out what super exciting thing we will be celebrating today.

I have a feeling, I may have been a little over enthusiastic there, building it up just a wee bit too much. That said, I am getting a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling about this week's special day. I fear you are going to think I'm crazier than I am when I tell you what it is, but perhaps, just perhaps, some of you might get it.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

8 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Teen Safe Online

When I was a teen there was no Internet, and no mobile phones. A mobile phone was a little green piece of plastic, the size of a credit card that afforded you a set amount of credit to make calls from a public card phone. It was the thing of it's time! No messing around trying to find change to put in the pay phone and then dropping the next coin just as the pips went off to warn you your credit was running out. Nope, we just went to the special card phone and popped in our bit of plastic. All very high tech.

Because we had no mobile phones, or computers we spoke to one another. You would arrange to meet somewhere at a given time and then you just took for granted it would happen. No texting to say you're on your way, or you got held up. Sharing a photo, meant getting the film from your camera developed at the chemist and then showing the prints to your friends and family by passing them around.

Keeping safe for us, meant, not going near the big kids, not walking down lonely dark alleys, not talking to strangers or taking anything from them, blah, blah, blah.

I'm not saying it was better back then, but perhaps it was simpler. Or at least keeping ourselves safe was simpler. Whereas, we only really had to worry about keeping safe outside of our homes, our children now have access to so much social media that their safety in the home cannot be guaranteed.

This is why as parents, it's vital we keep up to date with the latest e-safety news because it's a fast paced, and ever changing world. There are some things that will remain the same though, and which you should speak to your child about on a regular basis if they are going online, regardless of their age.

1) Keep your accounts private and have your location set to off. Big issues with location on Snapchat, anyone can see where you are. Turn it off.

2) Never add anyone you do not personally know, even if it is a friend of a friend. If you haven't met them in real life they have no place in your online life.

3) Never ever give out your password, not even to your best friend in the whole world. What's the worst that can happen? Someone could go into your account and cause a whole lot of trouble for you.

4) Photos. Be careful what you share. Once you've put it on the World Wide Web it is there forever. Which leads us nicely to...

5) Never ever ever share photos that are inappropriate and never ever be pressured into doing so. If someone asks you to do anything online you are not comfortable with, report them, block them and tell an adult.

6) Do not give out any personal details, phone numbers, address etc. Anything someone could use to locate you off line. Don't share it.

7) Never arrange to meet anyone you met online (refer back to number 2). People can be very deceptive online, very easily. You can never 100% know to whom you're speaking.

8) If you are being bullied online, screen shot the messages, block them and speak to a trusted adult.

This list could well go on an on, but these are the things I go over regularly with my girls. It works. We had an incident a couple of years ago when someone approached my eldest and some of her friends online. Because we talk about it at home, and it's discussed regularly at school they knew what to do. She didn't come to me, but she did go to her pastoral support team at school and they in turn contacted the parents. I dread to think what might have happened if they weren't so clued up on the dangers of the online world. Thankfully, they did.

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