Tuesday 13 August 2019

Left-Handers Day 2019

Are you left-handed or do you know a left-hander? Well today is Left-Handers day and since we have a left-hander in the family, namely Miss D, it seems only right that we at least acknowledge it and maybe even treat her to something to make her life just a wee bit easier.

That said, she was a very lucky girl when she started school in reception class. She had two teachers, one of whom was left handed, and a left handed teaching assistant. This helped her tremendously. I know some left handed children can really struggle in school because the way in which they form their letters is different, not to mention nothing is set up for them, but having teaching staff who understood, meant we avoided that and I have never, ever seen a single smudge in any of her school books throughout her entire school career! Scissors are still an issue though and I really should invest in a pair just for her.


So this Left-Handers Day, let's celebrate with a few fun facts, my favourite of which, is topping the list:

  • You can actually live left-handed in a town called Left Hand in Virginia, USA
  • This one appears to be more of a US term, but I like it so, you're not just a left-hander, you're a Southpaw
  • Twins are more likely to be left-handed. If you're a twin, is this one true for you?
  • Apparently, you're better at sports. This one I can believe, since I am right-handed and rubbish at sport, but Miss D, though she hated PE was much better.
  • Albert Einstein was a leftie.
  • Given the above are you surprised to know, you're pretty smart at maths?
  • Left-handers drink more, but fear not, you're not a bunch of alcoholics, you just drink a bit more than us right-handers (alledgedly).
  • Leonardo Da Vinci was also a left hander
There are lots more, but lists really can get a bit boring, can't they?

left handed artist

As the parent of a left-hander, I for one am very happy that left-handed children are no longer forced to use their right hand any more. I can't think of anything more oppressive than being made to feel you're wrong just because you use the other hand. Miss D used to do the most amazing backwards writing starting at the right of the page and working left. One teacher had an issue with this in Year 1, but I just reminded her she's a leftie, so are you surprised? To my mind it made perfect sense.

If you want to make life easier for yourself or the leftie in your life, check out Left 'n' Write, I've just found their site whilst writing this post, and have ordered a pressie for Miss D. I've told her that she has a left-handed ruler and note pad on the way, all ready for sixth form and she is one very happy leftie; you'd think I'd bought her a Ferrari!

So to all you left handers, this is your day. You are an awesome, talented, crazy, funny bunch and we love you!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. 


  1. I have a left-handed daughter and husband. Daughter did the same backwards writing. I was always impressed by it. She definitely appreciates left handed scissors and non-smudgey pens. #MMBC

    1. I have still to get the scissors, but the rular and note pad have gone down really well x

  2. I didn't know there was a celebratory day for left-handers! My brother would be chuffed though as he is left handed and he definitely drinks more than me! (only just) Hehe 🤣 x

    1. Hopefully you let him know so he could have a wee drink to celebrate x