Saturday 10 August 2019

Forget Me Not

OK, the title may be a little misleading, so if you're expecting to read a piece on horticulture and the delicate, but beautiful, little blue flower, Forget Me Not, or to use it's Latin name (I've done my homework here) myosotis sylvatica, you will likely be somewhat disappointed. However, I do aim to please, so let me share with you some fun facts which I have gleaned from my flora and fauna research (the rest of you, bear with me here and/ or prepared to be blown away by my channelling of my inner Charlie Dimmock - minus the bust, she has far more 'bustage' going on than myself).

Now, back to the humble Forget Me Not. Not only is it pretty, but my reading has shown that it flowers in spring, will pretty much grow anywhere, in any kind of soil and it doesn't care if it's in full or partial sun, and the best part, it doesn't need pruning! I'm thinking this could be a plant for me, because I am not known for my gardening expertise, so the easier and less fussy the plant the better! And, it's the state flower of Alaska,  I bet you didn't know that; unless you're Alaskan, or know all your US state flowers, or you're just one of those really clever people.

Forget Me Not Flowers

Right, that's enough about flowers for now, I shall pop my inner Charlie Dimmock back in the garage with the rest of the gardening equipment, not to mention the bags of garden rubbish that I really need to take down to the tip.

Nope the Forget Me Not I'm talking about this week, is my ability to not remember all those important (and not so important) things. Yep this week has been an interesting one.

Monday was spent frantically getting laundry done and dried, whilst cleaning the house in an attempt to make it looked 'unlived in' and 'showhome,' 'instalife' ready for a viewing. To be fair, Monday did seem to go quite well and I was feeling quite optimistic. I managed to get everything done, and not a twinge did I feel in my back (as I sometimes do when I've blitzed the house).

Come Tuesday, it all went a tad pear shaped and I was hobbling around, complaining like a proper old woman, with a knackered ankle. It took me a day or so to actually remember that I had twisted it hanging out the washing on Monday. I'm not one to shy away from the fact I am the world's clumsiest individual, but even I amazed myself with this one. I have no idea how I managed it, all I know is it bloody hurt and I had to hobble round town killing time before Miss L's opticians appointment. In the end we gave up and went early so I could sit down, like a real old lady would. To be fair her appointment was light relief. Miss. L has a very dry sense of humour, so when the optician asked if she was having any problems her response of, 'No, not really, I just can't see anything,' had us both in stitches, and as we know, laughter is the best medicine.

I'm not sure what went wrong after Tuesday, but on Wednesday, I thought a couple of my neighbour's were very fortunate to be heading off on their holidays, because they popped there recycling bins out a day early.

blue recycling wheelie bins

I will confess to being just a tad jealous. I know we've had some lovely weather here recently (at least we have in the South East), but it would be nice to be heading off to foreign lands on a plane, or even driving to a campsite and pitching the tent for a bit of a getaway (though maybe not this weekend, you'd likely end up being blown all the way to France). Anyway, I made a note to self to remember to pop the bin out the following day and headed for a shower, only to hear the bin men coming down the road, to which my first thought was, 'Oh I didn't realise there was a bank holiday coming up,' quickly followed by, 'You stupid cow! If there was a bank holiday they'd be a day late, we would already have had said holiday, and it's not bloody Wednesday! It's Thursday!' Fair to say, my bin did not get put out, but I was still vaguely on the ball, because I had checked my appointment slip and I knew today was my optician's appointment.

I didn't mind heading into town alone, but Miss L decided she'd quite like to tag along too and it's nice to have a bit of company, so off we headed for my 11.30. I was feeling quite chuffed, not only had I remembered the appointment, I had remembered my prescription and my contact lenses. I was #winning at this organisation lark! Except I wasn't. I mean, yes I was very prepared and organised, but I'd made a wee bit of a faux pas, in that, when I checked the date, my mind had transposed the date and all I'd seen was the '08' hence I was four days early for my appointment. It's not actually the end of the world, I mean better be four days early than four days late, right? Also, I think I should get Brownie points for enthusiasm, and perhaps a badge too. I never got any badges, but then I wasn't a Brownie, so that would explain that one; I was an outstandingly bad Girl Guide though,with a huge total of three badges.

Anyway, back to the point, I seem to have lost the plot, quite spectacularly, this week. Wednesday totally disappeared off my calendar, and is nowhere to be found, though I secretly think it could see the way things were headed and decided to leg it before it too got caught up in my forgetfulness. As with all, less than perfect weeks, there is always a lesson to be learnt and so this week, I have learnt to use my diary!

diary and pen

Yep, that'll be my diary, the thing I should be using to organise myself, but which I keep neglecting because I'm too lazy to retrieve it from my bag when I'm at home, and too lazy to put in my bag when I'm out. However, I would like to say, that since Thursday, I have been very good and have not been anywhere without it. Until July, next year, this will be my new best friend! Now someone knock me up a Brownie badge for that!

And just in case you were worrying about my recycling bin...our bin men are absolute stars and they collected it anyway, even though it wasn't at the communal collection point. So impressed was I with this,  I made a point of calling our council to thank them, because credit where credit's due.

Little Orange Dog Badge

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  1. Hi Lisa, it sounds like you had a bit of a week, which is strange as I find that if I manage to clean the house on a Monday the erst of the week is positively positive!... Saying that it's been a few Monday's or my other days since i blitzed the house (it's summer and far too hot for that sort of thing)... That was good of the bin men to collect your bin and a high five to you for giving credit where credit is due... Good luck at the opticians tomorrow - I hope you've marked it in your diary?


    1. Hi Debbie, you'll be pleased to hear I did indeed make it to the opticians. As I thought, my eyes had got worse since my last appointment x

  2. I love forget-me-nots, they look so beautiful in spring when grown with muscari and daffodils. I always sow some seeds in trays in summer, plant them where they are to flower in autumn, and then enjoy the flowers the following spring.

    1. I think I am going to follow your lead and do the same this year. They really are so pretty x

  3. Love honest posts sharing what really goes on. I have so many diaries and notebooks in an attempt to get organised. Never seems to work but hoping for a fresh start when we move in a couple of weeks. All power to you for telling it like it is #BloggerClubUK

    1. Eek! Good luck with the move Kate, it's so flipping stressful isn't it. Looking forward to seeing how you get on in your new home x

  4. Ooh this sounds familiar, some weeks I despair at how disorganised I am. Here's hoping you have a much better week! Thanks for linking up, hope to see you again soon #twinklytuesday

    1. This week and a bit has been a whole lot better, thanks Kate. Still a bit stressed, but that's a whole other story x