Tuesday 6 June 2017

Not Acceptable

Where to start? The last couple of weeks have been truly awful haven't they and I had absolutely no intention of writing about the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and that still stands, at least directly; indirectly I am going to write about them because yesterday something came to light on the news that really did make my blood boil.

I will apologise now, because this post is a wee bit of a rant, but I need to get it out of my head and on to paper, because as I said, my blood is boiling. Anyway back to the point...

Someone whom should know better, abused his position of power to attack an innocent man doing an amazing job in difficult circumstances...any idea whom I'm speaking of? Oh come on, who on earth else would be so bloody stupid? It could only be the one, and thankfully, only Donald Trump (or as I prefer to call him 'The Evil Orange').

This man is absolutely priceless, I mean who else would deem it even vaguely acceptable to start criticising the mayor of a city that has just suffered a terrorist attack, particularly when that city is overseas? Answer no one, but Donald and of course he did it via his Twitter account (some of the replies are fabulous, by the way). He really is a proper numpty and were it not for his position of power, he really would be the gift that keeps on giving with all his ridiculous statements and tweets; anyone worked out what covfefe is yet? However, he is in a very powerful position and no one is controlling him and that is very, very scary.

Now, I don't like to have a pop at someone and I do try hard to think about why that individual may have taken the action they did and I have a theory, so please bear with me. I think that, given the Evil Orange's Twitter attack was purely based on taking things out of context, there may be a gap in his basic literacy skills. I find myself wondering if he maybe skipped some of those Biff and Chip books and skipped straight to the Magic Key series because the pictures were better. Whatever the reason it seems his comprehension skills really are very poor. I've read Mr. Khan's words and it really is very clear that he is referring to armed officers when he is saying not to be alarmed.

Perhaps it's time for someone to go back to school, to learn how to read and write correctly, to learn how to play nicely with the other children and to think before they speak.

Oh and as for 'being alarmed', well let me tell you something Mr. President, we are British, we don't do alarmed, we do defiant, we do standing together as a nation (regardless of race, religion, gender etc) against all that is wrong and that includes yourself. Might I suggest that should you visit our lovely little island, you don't expect a warm welcome, it's not likely to happen and I wouldn't want you to be disappointed.

Rant over, I'm off to put the kettle on and make a nice British 'cuppa' because that's how we roll in Blighty!


  1. I was watching a YouTube video last night about Donald Trump twisting Sadiq Khan's words. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing...The Evil Orange one really is a special kind of stupid. x

    1. I can't believe they are allowing him to run a country, he's clearly not 'strong and stable' as Mrs May would say, more verging on insanity :-(

  2. Hi Lisa, I still pinch myself when I think that 'The Evil Orange' was actually voted in to power! I can't get my head around what people were thinking. Isn't the world a dangerous enough place? I don't know to what Twitter comments you are referring to, but I have no doubt they were total rubbish and done purely to get people talking about him, after all even bad publicity is better than no publicity!


    1. I think you have hit the nail on the head there Debbie. The news was talking about something other than he so he tweets a load of rubbish. Scary stuff xx