Monday 17 July 2017

The Final Countdown

Don't panic! I am not writing a post about that classic rock anthem by 80's rock band Europe, but hands up if you're old enough to remember them. No, you're safe, this is a post about the final countdown to the end of term. Yes folks, the long summer holidays are almost upon us and being a good and organised parent, I have every single minute of those holiday weeks, planned and organised to within an inch of their life... have I heck? I'm too busy concentrating on getting through this final week.

You see, this week is a busy, busy week in the school calendar and mostly because this is Miss. L's final year of primary school, the end of a chapter for us all. I can't believe that having done the same school run since Miss. D was in Year 1, I am going to be doing my final one on Friday this week. I'll be honest, it's a mixture of sadness and relief. Believe me, I am not going to miss bumping into lorries and tractors on country lanes anymore, but I will miss the children and staff, oh and of course our gorgeous school dog.

As you may have seen, in my previous post, Transition Week, Miss. L spent the whole of last week at her new secondary school, yes my little duck is starting a whole new adventure. I felt a little sorry for her at first as of the four of them going from her current school, she was the only one put in a group separate from the others. I thought she'd be really uncomfortable with it, as she had been quite worried about going and she doesn't really do change well, but out of nowhere a carbon copy of big sister suddenly blossomed and she embraced the whole thing, making new friends quickly and easily. She really, enjoyed the week and come Friday had loved it so much that she really doesn't want to return to primary for the last week...she has to though, obviously.

I rather enjoyed last week too. I enjoyed listening to her stories at the end of each day and I absolutely loved not having to do that school run. Really I did! Do you know how much further my petrol went, a lot further! It felt very liberating not having to do the school run and our Little Orange Doggy was a very happy boy, because he got some lovely early morning walks.

So we're now on our final, crazy week of primary. I won't lie, after last week I do not want to be getting back in the car and doing that school run, I didn't miss that daily routine one bit! However, do the school run, I must and so I will, and what a week it's going to be...well it will be because Miss. L fainted on me this morning. There I was braiding her hair in to a rather lovely fishtail plait when out of the blue she starts leaning forward. Obviously, I did the caring mother bit and shouted at her to stand still, or I would end up pulling her hair (not on purpose). In hindsight, it was just as well I was holding on to her hair because it stopped her falling forwards into the kitchen chairs and I managed to manoeuvre her back on to the floor. Anyway, long story short, she's off school today and feeling a bit jaded.

Anyhow, drama over this is how the rest of the school week is looking, Tuesday, is just a normal day, hopefully. Wednesday afternoon and evening is the Leavers play and I've still not decided which one I'm going to (I should probably make a decision on that one). Thursday is sports day, again I cannot tell a lie, I don't enjoy it much nowadays, it's gone all non competitive team stuff. I want to shout from the sidelines and tell my kid how flipping awesome she is at running, but that's not deemed socially acceptable anymore, which is a little bit sad, I think. Oh and let's not forget the Leavers BBQ after school and we still haven't got to Friday.

Speaking of Friday, I'll let you know now, I am unlikely to be the mum sobbing my little heart out as my baby's primary school career comes to an end. I almost shed a tear when Miss. D left, but that's because her little sister read out something about her. It was so sweet. So first thing in the morning we will have the Leavers service (it's a church school) after which the Year 6's have the privilege of climbing the church tower and taking in the fabulous views from the top. It's something that the children only ever get to do in Year 6 and it is quite special; trust me, I've done it and whilst I am not a fan of very dark, stone spiral staircases, it was worth the climb. Then that's it until the afternoon when they pile into the minibus to go to the trampoline park followed by a trip to Creams.

So as you can see, this leaving business it pretty full on and honestly, I just kind of want to get this week out of the way and maybe go into semi hibernation to recover. I won't of course, it's the school holidays, so I'll be finding us things to do to keep us busy. Please send me chocolate and tea to help me through the next five of six weeks...please!


  1. Transitions are hard. Letting go is hard. My mother had a hard time letting go of my childhood and I've had similar feelings. #MMBC

    1. Now she's had that week, I think she'll be absolutely fine. Surviving this busy week, well that's a whole other story x