Thursday 13 July 2017

Transition Week

Yes, it is indeed time for change. Not only are we counting down to the end of the school year, but we are closing one door and opening another. The end of an era is upon us, as Miss. L joins her big sister at secondary school. No more school runs for me, as of September Miss. L will be walking with Miss. D; it's going to save me an absolute fortune in petrol and it needs to, given the cost of secondary school uniform, but we'll come back to that later on.

This week has seen Miss. L having an absolute ball during her transition week at her new school. She is loving it; which is a relief, as by rights having passed her Kent Test, she probably should have gone to the grammar school. A decision I know some people have found strange, but having been for an interview, at said grammar school and having a wee argument with the Head Teacher about the importance of safeguarding I, a) didn't get the job and b) vowed never to entrust the care of  a child of mine to someone who rates attendance more important than safeguarding. Added to which, Miss. L isn't really a girly girl, so a mixed school is a much better option for her.

Oops, digressed a bit there didn't I? Anyway, we've certainly made the right choice for her. She's loving walking with her sister and when she gets home she's full of stories about the lessons she's done (the bunson burner was a bit of a shock at first) and the friends she's made. Some of her teachers this week have, or do teach her big sister and I think that little Miss. L secretly enjoyed the History teacher asking if she was the sister of Miss. D and telling her he'd taught her too; though I do suspect she'll get sick of it after a while, especially given they will be expecting the same high standards of she, that her sister has kindly set. No pressure there then!

I thought I'd be a bit upset about my youngest going off to secondary school, but when I dropped her off on Monday, I was genuinely excited for her. She's starting a whole new and exciting chapter in her life and whilst she'll always be my baby (they both are) she's growing up. Like her sister, she will have good times and not so good times, she will make new friends and fall out with them from time to time. She will learn to manage her time and be more independent, and of course, she will discover make-up and fashion and shopping and generally being a girl. Secondary school is a big, scary place, especially if, as is the case with my children, they are moving from a tiny rural school, but having had a week to settle in a bit before the new school year, I am confident that she'll be fine come September.

Hopefully, by September the bank balance will have recovered from the hit it took from the purchasing of new school uniform. Having two girls, I was rather hoping that I would be able to pass Miss. D's old uniform to her little sister. Well, that is so not happening! For starters, the school have changed the PE Kit and the girls skirts (not helpful) and secondly, I hadn't taken into consideration Miss. L's petiteness (I think I've just made up a new word 😕). I was pretty sure the blazer Miss. D has been wearing since Year 7 (she's just starting Year 10) would fit her sister, but it absolutely swamped the poor girl and I, being a responsible caring mother, just laughed...a lot, before conceding that a trip to the school outfitters was going to be needed.

Thankfully, Miss. D only needed a skirt and a couple of bits for the PE kit. Now, my daughter doesn't agree, but I am putting myself forward for cool mum of the year award here because whilst the other mum's are asking for their daughters to try the longer skirt, I've taken one look at the 22" length skirt on Miss. D and insisted we try the shorter one (she's only going to roll it up, anyway)! I'm pretty certain I am the only parent ever to have asked this because the shop owner looked suitably shocked and kept checking that I really did want the shorter length. I did, and I was right to have asked, it looked a whole lot better. Little one's skirt, well she has the smallest waisted one and the shortest length. The waist will need adjusting, but that's OK it has an adjustable waist and I think I am going to have to get a seamstress friend to take it up a little, but the rest of the uniform is fine, though they are having to order in a blazer for her. And so, I left almost £200 lighter (and that doesn't include the blouses and shoes I've already bought).

Now all I have to do is iron the name labels in to everything, get it all put away and relax for the rest of the summer holidays before the next exciting chapter opens up.

Pink Pear Bear


  1. Ahh! I still have another year of school runs before my youngest joins her sister in secondary school.
    It sounds like your girl is loving secondary school so far.
    hehehe! Uniform is so expensive. Luckily this year I don't have too much to buy. x

    1. I shouldn't complain about the uniform I've not had to buy much the past year or so, but it's not helpful when the schools insist on keep changing it and at secondary it has to be the official school uniform. Still all done now xx

  2. I like your positive approach to changing times. Sounds like there will be plenty of good times to come if the transition is anything to go by and well done you on the uniform front too