Wednesday 31 January 2018

Celebrating Wednesday's #34

Hello all and welcome to Wednesday! How has you week been? I'm struggling to keep up with what the day is, time seems to be flying by so fast at the moment. 

Anyway, it is Wednesday, and as always it has a special day which will hopefully give us something else to think about as we fight our way through hump day. 

So what are we celebrating today? Well, today is...
...Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!

Yes, today is the day to get out and soak up some creativity; and given it's grey, wet and miserable outside (at least where I am, it is), that seems like a good idea to me. You know that gallery around the corner from your office? Today is the day to finally go and visit it. 

I'm just going to throw out a couple of other suggestions though, because as we know, art isn't just found in galleries. Have a look around you as you're walking about, chances are you'll find some street art, OK so some of it will be a bit 'sub standard,' but you might find something pretty awesome. Most towns have a statue or a monument, take a closer look, you might notice something you didn't before.

And, wait for it...I know this is a bit 'out there,' but why not inspire yourself. Partake of a little arty downtime. Enjoy the freedom of letting your imagination run wild. I know this isn't quite what today is about, but who says we have to play by the rules, that would just be boring. I'm certainly not going to, I'm going to use today as an excuse to get my pencils out and colour to my heart's content...

...sigh, if only I had one of those swear word colouring books, now that would be therapeutic!

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  1. I love art - it is a great way to get inspired. I certainly need to do more of it :) #MMBC