Wednesday 10 January 2018

Celebrating Wednesday's #32

Welcome back to our little mid-week celebration. You may, or may not have noticed our absence (it's OK, we're not judging), but a wee break has been required. However, we're back up and running now and what better way to return to blogging than by celebrating the weird, wonderful or just plain random days of the year.

Today, is indeed a wee bit 'random,' though in some ways, a relevant day for me. So let's just dive in and begin celebrating this Wednesday's Special Day...

...which is Houseplant Appreciation Day!


Now, at this point in the post I could lie and tell you that all the images are of my very own, very happy, very healthy and thriving houseplants. However, those of you who know me, even a wee bit, would know straight off that is a blatant lie. It's an absolute blessing you don't have to prove you can care for a houseplant before you're allowed to have children!

The reality facing any houseplant entering my home is a lot less bright and optimistic. Quite frankly, they are on plant death row, and not through any fault or wrong doing of their own. I am simply an abysmal houseplant parent.

It's not through lack of trying on my part either. I do all the right things (well I think I do, clearly I don't) and the poor things still expire. I thought I'd cracked it a while ago. I thought, 'At last! I have green fingers!' Wrong. The miniature rose I had been gifted suddenly gave up the will to live, having struggled for the best part of a year. So, I am personally, passing up on today's special day, however...

...for those of you who are amazing plant parents, today is a day to celebrate your green fingers. Go and gently stroke your houseplants (unless you have cacti - do not stroke your cacti, it is a very dangerous and painful thing to do) tell them how fabulous they are and maybe treat yourself to a visit to the local garden centre to buy a nice new plant or two.

As for me? Well, I'll be playing it safe with my baby cacti; surely even I can't kill a cactus? At least that's what my lovely friend Naomi, of Me Becoming Mum assures me of (incidentally, check out her twitter account to see her awesome cactus). I'll keep you posted on the progress of my prickly little charges.

For now, stay safe, enjoy your houseplants and may the rest of the week be kind to you. We're looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday to celebrate again.


  1. I have a weird leafy thing in my kitchen that was left here by the former tenant when she moved out. It has survived droughts (where I forget to water) and multiple attacks from the cats. I am in complete awe at its ability to stay alive.

    1. Don't let me near it then, it'll be dead in seconds.