Wednesday 20 December 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #31

It is officially the last Wednesday before Christmas, so I will wish you a happy one now, please try not to over indulge. I'm sure you've all got lots of last minute bits that need to be done, so I think today, perhaps we should just jump right on in and find out what we are celebrating.

However, before I do, I will say that although it is Go Carolling Day, I am not writing about it. I confess to not be a huge lover of the Christmas Carol.

Today we are celebrating...

Games Day

It's one of those things we seem to do more at this time of the year isn't it? Christmas arrives and we get the board games and decks of cards out. Scrabble is a favourite in this house, even though I end up helping Miss. L when she's playing against me and the girls quite like Monopoly, but I cannot lie, I am far too lazy to play that, even if it the kids version.

It's not just board games being encouraged today though, so if that really isn't your thing, feel free to play a video game or get the cards out. Whatever you fancy. I must admit, I was gutted when our Jenga set went missing. There's nothing like a good game of Jenga  with the kids.

Now, enough fun and games, back to getting ready for Christmas please.

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