Wednesday 22 November 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #27

It's been a long, long time since last we celebrated a Wednesday. I'll be honest, some weeks it was getting just a tad difficult to muster up the enthusiasm to celebrate what was on offer. I have to say though, that I have also, kind of missed it a little bit and so here we are starting over(ish) again with our 27th celebration.

It wasn't too much of a chore this week either because there is only one day to choose from, or rather, there was no choice, which makes it easier. It also makes it easier if it's something you can actually do. And so, please get ready to celebrate...

Go For A Ride Day!

Today we are encouraging you to go for a ride. The best part is, you can use any mode of transport you wish, including your very own to feet (although I would call that more go for a walk/run/jog).

Now I think when they're telling us to go for a ride, they don't mean your daily commute, because let's face it, that is no fun whatsoever. There is no feeling of freedom on the journey to work, in fact I would say it is, in most cases, quite the opposite; unless you're one of those people with a super exciting job.

No. I believe we are being encouraged to grab the freedom of travel and go on an adventure. Please do not skip work to do so and if you do, don't tell your boss I told you to go for a ride today. I do not wish to be held accountable for your absence.

So hop on a train,

or get in the car,

dust off your bike and grab the dog, and get out there and explore.

Be super daring and go down a road you've never taken, you might discover something new. If you're really daring and if you're able to, you could go for a ride with a birds eye view.

Whatever, you do and where ever you end up today, have fun and stay safe.

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