Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Why I Love Twitter!

Before I entered the weird and wonderful world of blogging, I was a lover of Facebook. I liked it, it was easy to use, easy to connect with people and well, no character limitations on status updates. However, I have changed my mind.

For me, Twitter is the primary social media channel for blogging. With my personal Twitter account I found the character limitation a real bore, but with the blog account, no issue whatsoever, or perhaps I have just got used to it. Who knows? I haven't done a huge amount to grow my following on social media yet, but even so, I find Twitter much easier to grow than Facebook.

My main reason for loving Twitter so much though, is the fabulous sense of community. Unlike Facebook, people actually interact with one another regularly. OK, it's possible it's mainly us bloggers, holed up in our homes neglecting our blogs and having a good old natter instead. I put my hand up to that one. And yes, we are the ones who leave the room for a couple of minutes and come back to find the best part of 100 notifications. We clearly chat too much!

I'm not complaining though. Not at all, it's what I love, and if I'm honest, over the past few weeks it's what has kept me going. Having that sense of community. Knowing that there are people online at almost every hour of the day, has been a lifeline.

It's a place where I finally feel like I belong and people genuinely understand. OK it's possible they don't understand my crazy, sometimes random sense of humour, but they certainly understand the struggles I face with my mental health and the support I have received has been very much appreciated. They seem to understand the best way to deal with me is by using humour. No matter how low I may be feeling, after a couple of gif's I've forgotten about being sad. I've forgotten about feeling lonely and I'm chatting away to a bunch of crazy ladies (and the odd gent) as though we're all sat in the same room drinking tea and eating cake.

Sometimes, I think it's a real shame that we are scattered far and wide, but it may be a blessing; I know there are one or two bloggers whom, if we lived in close proximity, I for one would never get any work done and far too much cake would be consumed.

So, what then is the point of this slightly random and disjointed post? Well, it is essentially a great big thank you and a virtual hug to my fellow bloggers on Twitter. Thank you for being there, thank you for being crazy daisies, thank you for making me laugh and for laughing at me. You're all fabulous!

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Mum Muddling Through

DIY Daddy


  1. That's so good that Twitter is helping you. I think the best thing about Twitter is that it's more widespread,not just your friends but lots of others can join in the conversation and give support and help. I have relied on twitter in the past and had some great conversations. However, on Facebook is where I talk to my more personal friends.

    1. I rarely use Facebook now. Is that bad. Twitter is so much easier. I do love it x

  2. Hi Lisa, I think I fell in live with Twitter as I'm a lifelong twitterer (long before the term became a 'thing'). I've never liked Facebook, don't know why, but I don't get the same warm fuzzy feeling as I do from Twitter. I'm glad that you've had somewhere to turn these past few weeks, I imagine social media is a lifeline for many.


    1. Thanks Debbie. It's been such a fab place to be and genuinely friendly. Love it so much and love bloggers x

  3. Hi, I also love Twitter and find it a lot more helpful both for blogging and non blogger #bloggersbest