Wednesday 1 March 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #17

Happy Wednesday lovelies! I cannot believe that not only is it Wednesday, but it is also March, so not only do we have a Wednesday to celebrate, but we have a month too! Yay! However, let us first find out what we will be celebrating today, 1st March...

Today our little piggy friends have their turn in the limelight, because it's Pig Day!

These lovely little animals have had a day all of their own since the early 1970's, and so they should (just look at those cute little snouts). Bit of an aside, but Miss. D has a birthday later this week and has asked for a teacup pig...not happening; I don't care how cute they may be, nor how trainable, I am not having a pig in the house, because let's face it, I'll be the one to walk it, feed it and clean it. Anyway, back to the point, today we can celebrate these little bundles of pinkness, orangeness and lots of other colours, including spotty.

Of course, pigs don't just do cute. They're pretty bright too. Remember the Tamworth Two? Two Tamworth Piggies who were so clever they escaped when being unloaded at an abattoir back in 1998 and went on the run for over a week. They were eventually captured, but fear not, they got to live for many happy years at a rare breeds centre. Which is good, because whether you like it or not, pigs also form part of the food chain. What would the good old Full English Breakfast be without pork sausages or bacon (says the person who usually orders the veggie version).

And where, oh where, would we store all that loose change for a rainy day, without our piggy banks?

How you choose to celebrate Pig Day is entirely up to you, but I, for one, hope to visit a certain high street store named after a saint to purchase some rather tasty Percy Pig sweets, just because I can!

And just before I end, let's not forget that we have a new month to celebrate, so grab your pom poms and practise your tumbles and dance moves, because March is Cheerleading Safety Month!

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