Monday 27 March 2017

My New Best Friend

Hello lovely peoples. I not been doing much writing because Mummy's laptop thing not working like it should. Every time little orange me go to write, it goes black and me can't do a thing. It okay though, Mummy got a new one and that one works just like it should. I am such a happy boy because now I can tell you all about my new friend.

Actually, him not just my friend, him is my best friend and me love him lots, but not as much as me loves my peoples. My peoples are the bestest peoples in the whole widest world. Me love them and them love little orange me.

So what was me saying? Oh yes, I have a new friend. I am such a lucky doggy. My friend moved into my peoples house a little while ago. At first, him was very shy and did a lot of hiding. Him spent all day and all night shut in a bedroom and him just would not come out to see little me.

I have no idea why anyone would hide away from me, I not a big, scary, vicious doggy. I am the sweetest, kindest and friendliest little doggy in the whole widest world, me know because my people tell me that all the time, and them is always right. Anyway, friend hid away from me and wouldn't say hello. Maybe him think that little me wouldn't like him, but me like almost everyone.

Him eventually come out of his hiding place and come to see me. Me was so happy. We made friends very quickly. He's very nice, but him is also very quiet, he not say much at all...actually, him not say a word, but him is always smiling so I know we are friends and at night, we cuddle up together and fall asleep.

It's good to have a best friend, me really hope you all have best friends too. Woof!

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  1. Glad you like the new laptop you cute doggie!

  2. Max is asleep at the moment, lazy boy, but if he were awake he'd be wagging his tail and saying thank you for calling him cute x

  3. Hi Max, I bet your Mummy is pleased she has a new laptop too. I hope you are looking after your new friend. Buddy, one of our furry companions had a new friend, now his friend is in bits. It's was quite traumatic to witness, there was fluff everywhere.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC (sorry it's a bit late).


  4. Oh my goodness that is just so cute! I honestly had to swallow back a few emoshy feels then! Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing with #DreamTeam x