Wednesday 10 May 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #23

Welcome back to our Celebrating Wednesday's segment. Once again, there was a wealth of topics to choose from today and all of them very interesting. However, the one I settled on was chosen purely for nostalgic reasons and because for some reason I find the subject of this week's topic really rather romantic.

So what you may be asking is this wonderful romantic celebration? Well, dear readers, our celebration this week is of course (drum roll please)...

...Windmill Day! Ta Daa!

OK, I admit that not everyone is going to find windmills romantic and if I am honest I don't know why I do, but I've always rather liked them and let's be honest, in the days before electricity etc. windmills were pretty darned useful and remain so.

They are found all over the world, and rumour has it, that in Old Amsterdam there is indeed a family of clog wearing mice living in a windmill (hands up if you're old enough to remember that one). In more recent years, the great Jonathan Creek lived in one, that is until he got hitched and had to move out; personally, I would have refused and must confess that should the opportunity ever arise, I most certainly would live in a converted windmill (which would indeed be very romantic).

So how to celebrate Windmill Day? Well if you are one of those lucky folk whom is fortunate enough to live in a windmill a) I am incredibly jealous and b) please throw a party and invite us all round. However, if like me you aren't that fortunate, you could just settle for a toy one.

I know, it's not the same at all, but needs must and all that and if nothing else it will be a nostalgic trip back to your childhood. As always, whatever you do, have a fabulous day and may the wind forever turn your sails.

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