Monday 15 May 2017

The General Election - A Dog's View

Sorry, I am kind of hijacking Max's page a bit here, but last week my polling card arrived and his reaction to it made me think that I should really be asking him some questions about his view of the upcoming General Election. So with the help of a few other people, I've put together a handful of questions. Please bear with us, I've no idea how this is going to go, he can be a little fickle at times.

Max why did you try and kill my polling card?
What a polling card?
Max this is my polling card, or at least it was, before you killed it...

Oh, you noticed? Me a sorry little orange doggy, me not know what it was, and me was just trying to protect me peoples from the nasty card. It not taste very good.

What is your understanding of the General Election (from Miss. L)?
I not got a clue what a genwal lectchun is. Me keep seeing lots of peoples on the telly box thingy wanting me to boat for them (that's vote Max, it's when you choose one of them to do something). Oh sorry, vote for them, but me not quite sure why.

So Max, you've seen the people on TV, they're called Candidates, which one do you think smells best and which one gives the best treats (from D)?
Um, well me only seen them faces, but me thinks the old one with a beard will smell best. Do you mean Jeremy Corbyn? Me not know, but pobably, yes. Him look like him likes little orange doggies. Me really not like the lady, her look evil. Mummy says she looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp (Max!), but me see her eating chips and she not look like she was enjoying them, so me thinks that she gives the best treats. Me think, I could have got all them yummy chips if only me had been there.

Speaking of Terri May, Mr. Kitney of Inside Martyn's Thoughts would like to know if you sympathise with Mrs. May and her fluffy hair, which he feels resemble dog ears?
No! Me not feel bad for her. She got horrible hair compared with my beautiful orange coat. Her should really dye her hair orange, it would look much nicer, she could look like little me then. I not sure her hair does look like dog ears either.

Really? Mrs. May, look as good as little me? Me think not!

Also from Martyn, he is concerned you may be disappointed that unlike the US election, there is no 'Orange' Candidate. What are your thoughts?
Well me not like that orange man, but it would be nice to have an orange person to boat  vote for. Orange people and orange dogs are usually very nice, but there just not enough of us. Maybe I should be a caditant candiat  whatever that long non doggy word is. Me would make sure all doggies have plenty of walks and treats and toys.

Finally, from Martyn (again), will you be going to the polling station (the place where people vote) to show your solidarity with the other voting dogs and if so, will you have your photo taken?
Martyn, you know little orange me love you so much, but me not going to vote, me can't, me not got opposing thumbs. Silly!


  1. Well the little orange dog appears to me more clued up than me on the general election. Maybe I should ask my cats!

    1. I would definitely recommend asking the cats, they probably know more than the politicians ;-) x

  2. Max for Prime Minister, haha X #mmbc

    1. I would definitely vote for him, he's honest and loyal :-) x

  3. Surely he is going to go and vote with you. He wouldn't want to miss out on being part of #dogsatpollingstations

    1. Well at might let him come to the polling station, but they've neglected to send his polling card through ;-) x