Monday 22 May 2017

It's Mine!

Oh little orange me is such a handsome boy. Me do love to look at the pictures mummy takes of me and see just how handsome I is. Me is also a very important little boy. I am the bestest doggy in the whole widest world, me know because my peoples are always telling me.

This weekend me not have my girls at home, so mummy took me to see nanny and grandad. Little orange me loves going to see them because them spoil me still not so keen on Winnie though. Me not really sure why her is still there. Mummy says it's because Winnie is nanny and grandad's little orange doggy, but me should be the only orange doggy. Still, me is trying super hard to be nice to her and to play with her, but me is not going to let her think her own the house, just because her live there. Oh no!

Me not tell mummy, but when her was driving to nanny and grandad's house, me made a little plan in my little orange head. It was hard work, for a little dog, but me did it and when we got to their house, me was very keen to carry out my plan. First me said hello to grandad, then me say hello to Winnie, then me run up the stairs into grandad's room and me mark my territory (me peed up the bed). That showed Winnie who the doggy boss is, now her know her place! Nanny didn't seem very happy though. Mummy did, her pretend to tell me off, but her was laughing so much; her did make me say sorry to nanny though. Me tried to do my best sorry face...

Me thinks me was forgiven because we got to go out for a nice walk in the sunshine.

Nanny took Winnie's ball so we played with it. I am such a clever boy, me can run faster than Winnie, so me got the ball all the time, so it is mine. Mummy says it's not my ball, she also says that me is supposed to give the ball back.

I really not sure that mummy understands how to play this game. The peoples throw the ball and me chase it, find it and try to eat it, why would me want to give the ball back to the peoples when me can chew it. Chewing stuff it a lot of fun for little doggies.

Me did get a bit tired though because it was a lovely warm day and me did lots of running around, so mummy took me home just after taking this lovely picture of handsome orange me.

When we got home nanny maked some food for the peoples, but them would not share with me. That was very unkind because I is always a hungry boy. Winnie doesn't really like eating, so her just sit there and tried to look as pretty as I is handsome...her not manage though, no one is as handsome as me!

Winnie trying to look pretty

While her trying to be a precious princess, me took my opportunity. Nanny and grandad's kitchen table isn't as tall as mummy's and them left a tub of something yummy just where me could reach it. Me thought that was very kind of them, so me use a bit of effort and managed to get it on the floor. It was so yummy. Me not know what it was, but nanny found me and shouted something to mummy about potato salad, so maybe that is what is was. Mummy thought it was funny, but nanny didn't seem to. I not sure why nanny not happy, them leave it there for me after all. Anyway, me had lot of fun and me can't wait to go again. Woof!


  1. Oh Max, it sounds like someone has a touch of the green eyed monster! If I were Nanny I would mark my territory on your bed, just for revenge. I have a feeling that one day Winnie will get her revenge! Maybe not today or tomorrow,but one day and then you'll wish you made a friend of her!


    1. You are so right Debbie. I keep trying to tell Max this, but he's not having any of it at the moment x