Monday 31 October 2016

A Super Sunday Lunch

For some time now, I have been meaning to get my backside down to the lovely Kent Coast, namely Dover for a Sunday Lunch and a catch up with a fabulous young man whom I once had the privilege of working with.

As you know, I did indeed go to Dover recently, but had to rush home after visiting the Castle so didn't make it to the pub, but this weekend, I decided the girls deserved a Back to School treat and given that they both love a roast dinner, we made a reservation at The White Horse.

I am rather good at finding my way to Dover nowadays, well the Castle at least, but I don't really know the area and wasn't entirely sure where The White Horse was located, so I printed off the directions (as a back up) and set the rather dodgy SatNav up. Now to be fair to the SatNav, it does need updating, or better still replacing, but when Dr. BD and I used it last week, she (SatNav lady) wanted me to turn right in the middle of the M2, and couldn't correctly count the exits on any of the roundabouts...need I say more?

We had a relatively clear drive down and found the pub really easily. What I'd not realised was its close proximity to the Castle. Bonus, because as we all know by now, Dover Castle is one of my favourite places to visit and knowing that there's a super friendly pub just around the corner makes it all the more appealing.

I like to be prepared when going somewhere new for the first time so I'd checked about parking when I booked and was advised by the lovely Stuart that parking in the adjacent leisure centre car park is free on a Sunday (it's pay and display otherwise). The pub is located next to the ruins of St. James' Church, which was sadly damaged in World War II. I imagine that during it's lifetime it must have been beautiful, but even now in it's collapsed and ruined state it holds a certain beauty that warranted a couple of photos.

We headed in to the pub, to a warm and friendly welcome from the lovely Stuart. After ordering our drinks we were shown to our table in the wee 'bistro' area. Stuart was super, he made us so welcome, and chatted away to the girls, which they loved.

The Sunday Lunch menu was fabulous. Nice and simple, three choices of main course and four dessert choices. This is perfect, especially if you have indecisive children (or adults) with you. Goodness only knows how much time I have spent waiting for someone to make their mind up when faced with a massive menu. It's very frustrating when you're starving hungry. So a nice concise menu is well and truly welcomed.

Miss. D went for the beef whilst I went for chicken and Miss. L, a child sized chicken dinner. Whilst we waited for our meals to be served we enjoyed some time chatting; well Miss. D and I did, Miss. L was busy playing a game on my phone, her tablet was out of charge.

I won't lie, I was a little concerned when the plates arrived, well, mine and Miss. D's anyway, because there was a lot of food on there and I only have a little appetite. However, it was so delicious I needn't have been concerned. Who am I kidding, I could have done seconds. The beef looked great and must have tasted good, because Miss. D made very short work of it. The chicken was perfectly cooked, it was full of flavour and was still lovely and moist. No dry chicken nor soggy vegetables at The White Horse! The veggies were sheer perfection, with just the right amount of 'crunch' and do not get me started on the gravy which was, to coin a phrase, 'to die for' because it was homemade gravy; you really can tell the difference.

She wasn't happy that I insisted on photographing her dinner!

Miss. L didn't mind having her food photographed.

I must apologise, because the dessert was so scrummy that I clean forgot to take photos, thankfully, I remembered just before Miss. L stuck her spoon into her Sticky Toffee Pudding. I had the same and it was so good, I finished Miss. L's off for her (she only managed half of it). Sadly, Miss. D polished off her apple pie before I got a chance to try it, but it did look good and I may well order it myself next time.

You can't beat Sticky Toffee Pudding
The lovely Jules came and joined us for a bit after he'd finished off (at least for a wee while) in the kitchen. It was fab to catch up with him, over a nice pot of tea, (tea is so important, don't you think) and reminisce about our days working in a call centre together. It may not have been the best of jobs, but fair to say it was the best of times and the best team I've ever had the privilege of working with.

I am so pleased for Jules and Stuart for taking up the challenge of running The White Horse. They are an amazing couple and are both totally people focused. You cannot fail to feel welcomed by these lovely gents. We enjoyed our visit so much that we will definitely be returning and would highly recommend you visiting too, should you ever find yourself in Dover. You really won't find a friendlier place to relax.

I won't apologise for really plugging this fabulous place (let's face it, if you can't use your blog to big up a friend's fab business, why blog) and, as such, you'll find all their contact details below:

The White Horse
St. James' Street
Dover CT16 1QF

01304 213066

You can also follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Finally, we made our way back to the car, but not before taking a couple more photos of the church next door.

*Please note this review is totally independent and has not been commissioned by The White Horse, I just happen to love these gents.

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