Wednesday 12 October 2016

Birthday Girl!

Yesterday was my baby girl's birthday. I've said it before I know, but the time really has just flown by. I clearly remember looking at this tiny little person and wondering what she might look like when she got a bit older. Well, now she is 11 and she is beginning to look grown up.

Sadly I don't have any baby photos of either of my girls (well I do, but they are actual photos rather than digital photos stored on computer), but here's one of a two year old Miss. L.

What a little cutie!
She was cute, loving, cheeky and totally obsessed with animals, she is still all of those things, just bigger and I think we've finally ditched the imaginary friend, 'Gluey Monster' who used to go everywhere with us, in her pocket; he was very small and very naughty, every time something wrong was done, it was without exception Gluey Monster whom was the perpetrator.

Anyway, back to the birthday. Miss. D and I got everything ready first thing in the morning before we woke our birthday girl, so that meant, presents ready and pain au chocolats (her chosen birthday breakfast) in the oven warming up. Then Miss. D went to wake her with a rendition of 'Happy Birthday,' apparently there was also some kind of off the cuff choreography involved too. Suffice to say, Miss. L was well and truly awake by the time her sister had finished.

Not one to hang about when there are presents about Miss. L got stuck into the task in hand (fear not, I will only post a small selection of photos).

Note the concentration!

Now I know it's only a simple thing, but Miss. L has been after one of these Teddy Blankets for quite some time, and frankly I was pleased to oblige given that either she or Max pinch mine. As you can see she is now a very happy girl with her own blanket and spent most of yesterday evening wrapped up in it!

This last present proved to be her absolute favourite. For at least the past year and possibly longer, every time Miss. L has found a WWF leaflet (as in World Wildlife Fund not wrestling), she has been badgering me to adopt a snow leopard. Hence, when she had very little on her 'birthday wish list' (other than a doughnut cushion and vouchers) I hit their website and adopted the snow leopards. If you have an animal crazy child it's definitely worth a look, and they even get a cuddly toy (like we need another one of those in the house). That aside, she is completely made up with her snow leopard adoption pack and took it in to school to show her teachers today. So happy days!

Normally, we would go out for dinner to celebrate a birthday, but as we have a busy week we put it off and had dinner at home followed by a slice of this cute little pug cake.

Today has been our calm day, slap bang in the middle of a busy week, so we went to Miss. L's choice of restaurant for her birthday dinner celebration. As I thought would be the case, she chose Frankie and Benny's. However, she surprised both Miss. D and I by choosing a burger rather than her usual wrap. She really is growing up!

We're now all back home, completely stuffed and in our pj's. Actually, the girls are in bed now, so I get a bit of me time, although it won't be long before I head off to bed either.

So, roll on the next birthday...oh that will be mine. Woo hoo!


  1. Happy belated birthday to Miss L. Hope she had a lovely day.
    I love the pug cake, how awesome is that?! :)

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. Hope to see you next week xx

    1. Thanks Jayne. She had a lovely day and the Pug cake is delicious x #MMBC

  2. I love that picture of your daughter as a toddler - she still looks so similar but so very grown up now! I love that her favourite gifts weren't electrical items. Thats so refreshing. Thanks for linking to #theweekendblogshare