Monday 3 October 2016

An Emergency Shopping Trip

Before we go any further, this is not as fun as it sounds. Yes, ladies, I know that the title contains the word 'shopping', but trust me the emphasis here is on the word, 'emergency'.

So, what on earth, you may ask, was the emergency? A very valid question, indeed,

It's quite amusing really. You see, I was sitting here typing away towards the end of last week, and I noticed my ribs were super sore. I am ridiculously clumsy, as I have mentioned previously and was, therefore, racking my brains trying to work out what it was I'd done to myself this time. Nothing sprang to mind, again this is not unusual. I tend to have a standard phrase for all accidents I sustain, which is, 'Ooh that's going to bruise'' and then I promptly forget the incident. It wasn't until Saturday, when Dr. BD suggested that perhaps my bra could be causing the problem. Funny that a man would come to that conclusion.

Not wishing to ignore his idea, I decided it was about time the tape measure came out. I'm pretty adept at bra measurements, so I checked, then I rechecked and then I checked once again, just to make sure. Then just to be absolutely certain, I used a bra size calculator or five to make sure they all gave me the same result. Nooooo! I was shocked, the kids were in stitches, and did I mention, I was shocked? Oh yes, I did! Dr. BD was right, the bra was two, not one, two cup sizes too small. So you see now why it was an emergency. The girls just could not be squashed any longer and frankly, my ribs were not up for it either!

So school run done, I headed off to the shops to purchase the much needed bras. However, this is not quite as straight forward as it might otherwise be, you see, I am one of those women who has to wear matching underwear, and of course you then have the problem of having to find two items in the correct sizes. My friends find it very amusing, but I feel so uncomfortable if I don't have matching undies on, I don't know why. Anyway, long story short, I got there eventually.

Whilst at the shops, I decided that I should stock up on hair dye. Again, you would think this would be a simple task. Again, you would be wrong. Again, you ask why? Well, I am one of those strange people whom is ever so slightly allergic to the chemicals used in permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes. My skin goes bright red, swells, itches and will bleed and ooze yuck. You get the idea, it's not pretty. However, I am very lucky that it only affects the areas of skin which have been directly exposed to the dye and I am able to use temporary dyes. These are the ones that only use one bottle (no developer) and last 6 - 8 washes. It's a bit of a nuisance having to dye my hair so often, but the worst part is trying to track down the dye.

Very few stores now stock temporary hair dyes, Clairol do one, but it is hard to find. Thankfully Superdrug do stock it, so that's where I headed, and I wasn't disappointed, as always, they had a fabulous range in stock and I had no trouble finding my preferred shade (Medium Golden Brown, if you're interested) and cheaper than if I'd had to order it online. Hooray, now my hair can look lovely again!

So I left the shopping centre with happy ribs, joyful at the thought of finally having a bra that wouldn't crush them anymore, and hair that had a nice fresh dose of colour to look forward to. What more could a girl ask for? Well quite a lot actually, but this was an emergency trip, so my purchases will suffice for now.


  1. My best friend always has to wear matching underwear, it's the law she says! ooch to the hair dye issue though, I must have one of those hard as nails scalps as I pretty much can chuck anything on mine!! #weekendblogshare

  2. I'm liking your friend already! I'm am trying to educate my teen in the law of matching underwear, but she just thinks I'm crazy ;-)