Sunday 30 October 2016

Sorry...Not Sorry

I have not been good boy this week.

Mummy made me go to see Nanny and that silly puppy, Winnie. I sort of like her now, but she still annoys me sometimes and I no like that she is lives in the house with Nanny and Grandad. I was the only doggy there, I like being only doggy. I don't like sharing.

When we got there I went to find Nanny. She loves me and gives me treats. I found her upstairs, with Winnie, but I was nice to the puppy.

Mummy didn't take me out before we went to Nanny's so we went for a walk, with Winnie. I was nice to the puppy, again. I let her chase my ball, but she is stupid and kept running past it. I tried to show her what to do, but she didn't listen. I gave up and couldn't be bothered to play ball anymore, there were too many interesting new smells. I did so much running. I love running, but I good and I always stop to see where Mummy is. I love Mummy, I don't like to be far away from her. Winnie, not good, she runs off and only comes back for a treat.

Nanny and Grandad are old, they only have two legs (each) and they not work so well so they used the car to get to the park, but Mummy and me, we walked there and then we walked back to the house.

When we got back, Nanny told Winnie off because she had done a wee in the bedroom, I sat quietly and laughed...

...I not laughing now. Mummy has made me write this post, to say sorry to Nanny and to Winnie.

Nanny spoke to Mummy on the telephone thingy. She found out what I did. I don't mind Winnie, but I don't like her being in the house, it is my other house, so I did what little boy dogs are meant to do. I marked my territory...Nanny's bed, only Nanny found out and now I have to say sorry.

I sort of sorry because I do love Nanny, but I still think it's funny Winnie got told off. So, Nanny, I very sorry I wee on your bed, I not do it again. Woof.

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