Sunday 23 October 2016

Doggy Delights

I am such a happy doggy this week. Last week I was a worried doggy, but no more. I am a very happy boy.

Last week I thought my people didn't love me and I thought they would eat me, like they did the naughty doggy, but my friend, Martyn (him have a great blog Inside Martyns Thoughts) explained to me that naughty doggy, not really a doggy, but a cake. Apparently, cake is a people food that tastes good. That made me feel much happier and I wagged my tail a bit.

Yesterday, Mummy stayed with me. She said it was something called 'the weekend'. That made me happy too. We went for nice walks together and cuddled on the sofa. I like to curl up on Mummy's feet.

I was so excited, I almost wagged my tail off. Martyn came to visit me, he brought other people too and they all love me and make fuss of me. It was so good. I love when people talk to me and stroke me and tell me I am handsome boy. I love Martyn lots, he knows how hard it can be for a little dog to understand people.

It did get a bit boring for me. They talked, a lot. Not to me, to each other. I don't know why they did not talk to me more. I am cute and handsome. Then they ate stuff that looked so good and smelled very good to a little doggy like me, but they not share any with me. That made me just a little bit sad. Then they talked more, then they all went out. All of them! They left me and I was really sad!

I not a sad doggy for long though. I could smell something very yummy. It was so good I had to find out what it was. The people had been very kind, and left a chair in just the right place. Mummy always pushes the chairs in, but her forget today. I climbed up and saw a big box. The box smelled good. It was hard work for a little doggy, but me manage to get box and put it on the floor. Once it was down it was much easier to see what was in the box. I had to push box around the floor a bit, but eventually it gave up and opened. It was obviously scared of Little Orange Dog!

Inside the box was the most scrummy food. Much nicer than my food. I think the people called it pizza. They so kind to me! They love me so much to leave me yummy food! I don't know what I worried about last week. Sparkle was right, I was being a silly doggy. My people love me. I am a very lucky doggy!

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