Sunday 16 October 2016

Running Crazy!

I've been rather quiet this week, or at least I think I have, you may well have been enjoying a break from my random musings. However, it has been anything but a quiet week. It has been a totally bonkers, crazy, busy week with me feeling like I've spent the entire time running around like a mad woman; hence the running track, I have not embarked on a new fitness regime, just in case the title of the post had given you that impression.

At the beginning of the week we had Miss. L's birthday, so Monday was spent getting things ready for the 'big day' on Tuesday and an evening run to our local Marks & Spencer's to collect the girls' new school coats. As well as the school coats, we had to buy a pumpkin for a school project later in the week. At the time, Miss. L wasn't sure what she would be doing with the pumpkin, just that it needed to be about the size of a football (definitely no carving for Halloween though, it's a church school).

Tuesday, was the birthday and if you've read my previous post, you'll know that it went really well. Miss. L was super happy with all of her presents and had a fun day, even though she had to go to school.

On Wednesday, I met with some friends in the morning, which was fabulous, and from there off I went to work before returning home to walk the dog, then heading back out to do the school run. A quick cuppa and then it was back out to celebrate 'the birthday' with a meal at Miss. L's chosen restaurant, Frankie & Benny's. I may have spent most of the day out of the house, but at least I didn't have to cook or clean up afterwards.

So roll on, Thursday. This was another big day! Not only did we have Miss. D's parents evening, but we also had the results of the Kent Test (11+). So Thursday, was all about education! Now, I was pretty sure that the parents evening would be a breeze with no nasty surprises. Miss. D is very studious and very conscientious when it comes to her education and, as I had predicted, she is a hardworking, polite student who produces a high standard of work, blah, blah, blah. The Kent Test result was a little more of a concern. If Miss. L passed, I ran the risk of having a slightly miffed Miss. D, who didn't get the required score when she sat it, and if she didn't get the score she needed, I would have an upset Miss. L on my hands. I was dreading the result either way. However, I needn't have worried. both girls were fabulous and Miss. L got the result she wanted.

Finally, Friday arrived! I was all set for a nice quiet day, catching up with a bit of housework and maybe writing a post for the blog, then I Harvest Festival. It was a lovely service, and yes we did sing, 'Paintbox' (Cauliflower's fluffy), it has been stuck in my head ever since! Unfortunately, as lovely as it was, it was somewhat longer than I had anticipated, so it was a quick run home (in the car - you don't seriously think I run anywhere with my inherent clumsy gene!), walk the dog, eat and then back out to work. As for the cute little teddy bears, well they're there because Friday was the 'birthday' sleepover (this birthday has pretty much lasted the whole week). Thankfully, Miss. L only had one friend, her bestie, stay over and to be honest, they are absolutely no trouble at all, so it was probably the easiest day of the week.

Saturday and Sunday have also been a bit full on, but it's been fun busy. The whole week has been long and busy, but fun. It's over now and tomorrow is the start of a new working week. Hopefully, it will be a little quieter, but if not at least it won't be boring ;-)


  1. Sounds like a great week. Well done on your girls and the 11+! It looks like a lovely birthday was had too! #mmbc

    1. Thank you, they both worked really hard at school and yes the birthday was a great success x

  2. I'm tired just reading about it! I hope for a more mellow week ahead for you!

    1. Me too Emily! At least it's almost half term now so things should calm down for a bit x