Wednesday 15 February 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #15

Here we are again, in the middle of another week, half way through the school half term holidays. I hope you're having a fun week with the children. We've been doing lots and still have plenty to do, so the week really is flying by for us.

However, let's get back to the reason why we are here, which is to learn what this Wednesday is celebrating and today it is...

...Hippo Day

Yes, that's right, today is Hippo Day. However, when I googled it (as you do), I discovered it isn't quite what I thought. It would appear this holiday is an online holiday celebrated by the good folk over at Second Life which, I have to admit, I haven't got a clue about, but I love that they created Hippo Day which I am going to celebrate in my own way.

My own way of celebrating is to share a few photos of these rather cute looking creatures, because all the time their mouths are shut, they are really very endearing (to look at).

And who can resist a plush hippo clutching a flower, it really doesn't get much cuter...

Well maybe it can, because this little chap, or chapess, is looking very cute and docile wallowing in the water.

However, as you may know, hippos are far from cute. Have you seen how enormous their teeth are? I'm sure Dr. BD wouldn't be too happy to find a hippo in his surgery, especially if it was nervous patient.

They're not known for being the most patient, good tempered or friendly of creatures, in fact that cute innocent look is all a facade, because they are in fact, very dangerous. I just hope for Dr. BD's sake that there are no hippos with toothache wandering about near the surgery, I rather like him as he is.

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