Tuesday 7 February 2017

What Is It?

Well there me is, asleep on the sofa, again. Me love to sleep on the sofa, and if me must say so me self, I is a very cute Little Orange Doggy when I having a snooze. Mummy says that when me has a little sleep, me sometimes move my legs. Her think that I am having dreams about running. Me not know what dreams are, but they sound fun!

Me is a very tired Little Orange Doggy because me has been protecting my peoples. It a very important job and me take it very seriously. My house is being attacked by funny little squeaky things. Them squeak a lot and sometimes, them run around. I is a very good boy and I is not going to let these things hurt my peoples. It started with just one, but now there is two (I also a clever boy, my girls, them teach me how to do counting).

What are they? I not know and I is very confused and very angry. Them clearly wanting to take my peoples house over and me is not going to have any of it! Oh no! Them is going to have to get past Little Orange me first.

This one is very tricky! Me has barked at it a lot and me even managed to catch it in my little doggy mouth and throw it, but it still come back for more, so me do it all again. I obviously doing something right because the other squeaky thing is scared and it gone to hide somewhere.

Finally, me finish with the squeaky thing, it gived up because it realise that it can't beat such a brave little doggy. Me not really brave though, me get quite frightened when the wind blows too hard, but Mummy is always there to take care of me and me love her and my girls so much that me want to take care of them too. Me got to take a nap again, them squeaky things have worn me out!

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