Monday 27 February 2017

Not Again!

It been a little while since little orange me has done any writing for you. I so sorry. It been really busy here. I not know why, but my girls were at home for a whole week, couple of weeks ago. Mummy said it was school hollibobs, or something like that. Anyway, them was out so much and me had no idea what was going on.

Mummy said to me that my ears were getting a bit long. Her kept brushing them, which me not like at all! It hurt me when my ears get brushed. Me like my ears long, it feels nice when me go for a walk and the wind blows them about. I not so keen on the way they get in my food and drink bowls though, that not so good. So what Mummy do? Her take me to the groomers for another hair cut, but her take me somewhere new this time, so me not realise where me was going.

I was so excited, because her took me to the pet shop and little orange me loves the pet shop; there's lots of food crumbs and things on the floor for me to clean up. Me do a great job of cleaning the pet shop floor; well apart from when me had a wee on it, but me need to let the other doggies know I been there. Today though her take me up some stairs that didn't used to be there and there it was a groomers. Me wasn't too sure about this new place, but the lady was so friendly, so me let her look after me. Her wash me and put stuff on to make my fur nice and soft, then her tidy me up, clean my teeth and cut my claws. Now I am even more handsome!

See, how good I look and my teeth are so white! Them was so kind to me they even give me a bandana so me can look handsome and cool. Me did have a bit of a problem though. Me really wanted to go out in the garden, but it was all wet.

Normally, me not mind the wet, in fact, me love getting all wet, but after my bath today, I really not want to get wet again. Me really not want my cool bandana to get wet either, that would be very bad, so me wait a bit longer. After my peoples had their dinner, them taked me out for a walk anyway and made sure me and my bandana stay nice and clean.

Don't tell Mummy, but me actually quite enjoy my pampering this afternoon. Woof!

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