Thursday 16 February 2017

To Selfie or Not

I'm not going to lie, I really, really dislike selfies. That's not to say there are no 'me' selfies, but they are few and far between and are usually with my girls, not solo. The brutal truth, for myself at least, is that once you get to a certain stage of life, those selfies are not so flattering as they used to be. You of course, may be totally different and look abso-blooming-lutely fabulous, but I much prefer to have someone else holding the camera.

For me there's something very unnatural about a selfie. I don't feel comfortable at all. Perhaps, that is indeed the root of the problem. Growing up, selfies, though they existed, were not the norm, as they now are. As an only child, and daughter of a very keen amateur photographer, I grew up with a camera being pointed at me, but never pointed a camera at myself; let's face it, selfies weren't quite so easy with an actual camera, particularly pre digital cameras.

Whilst I see the lovely selfies, 'the beautiful young people' take, I am fully aware, my own will never look that flattering. I take a photo, hoping that I will look (something vaguely) like this...

...what I actually look like is more akin to this...

...and really, who wants to see that on my Facebook profile? I don't and I don't wish to inflict it on any of my lovely friends, it's just too scary. Don't tell me you've never scrolled through your newsfeed to find a selfie that is a little similar to the cheeky chap above; if ever it happens to be a profile picture of yours truly, please do feel free to dislike it (and comment), I'd much rather have your honest opinion, or just do the laughing face, that works for me too.

Of course, Miss. D and her friends are constantly taking selfies and look effortlessly wonderful in each and every one of them. Apparently, there is a 'thing' known as Snapchat. OK, I'm joking, I know what it is, but haven't even bothered to look at it since it involves much selfie taking in order to maintain 'streaks' (thankfully not the same type of streak one used to encounter at sporting events, back in the day; consider yourself lucky if you are too young to recall these). For our teens and twenties, selfies are the norm. They think nothing of pointing a camera or tablet at themselves and pulling a pouty face. As a woman in her mid (to late) forties, it's the most uncomfortable thing in the world, hence, for the most part, I choose to abstain. However, for your amusement, and for the first (I think) and last time on this blog, a solo selfie...

...hopefully you won't have nightmares! It is, if I say so myself, quite similar to that cheeky little monkey; someone had to say it.

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