Wednesday 22 February 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #16

Hello again. It's so lovely to meet up like this every week, I do hope you're sitting down with a nice cuppa, or a coffee if you prefer. I must confess, I am not a coffee drinker at all. For me it has to be a nice big mug of tea, though I could manage a slice of coffee cake with that, just to appease all you coffee lovers out there.

Anyway, lovely as it is to chat about tea, cake and coffee, we really should get down to business and find out what we are celebrating this week.

There was an abundance of celebrations to choose from this week, but there really was only one that I could possibly share with you, because today is Walking the Dog Day. Apologies if you don't have a dog, but perhaps you could borrow one or tag along with a doggy owner friend. Just an aside, should you decide to get a dog, please do visit a rescue centre, or seek advice about finding a reputable breeder.

Dogs are a big old commitment, but if you are happy to put the work in and fully commit to life as a dog owner, your new friend will bring you so much joy, you'll never look back.

Walking the dog can be a chore if it's cold and wet, but when it's warm and sunny it's the best time or times of the day. Max get's at least three walks a day in the summer (provided it's not too hot).

So grab your coat, pop the lead on and give your pampered pooch or pooches a well deserved walk on what is their special day.


  1. Oh this is a good day, I like walking the dog day, we did a massive 13k walk yesterday but because of Storm Doris I think we might not go quite so far today!

  2. We went for a walk in the rain today. It wasn't too long though, as I had to fit it in between a meeting and the school runs. Poor little orange doggy x