Wednesday 8 February 2017

It Seemed Like a Good Idea

Have you ever had one of those moments, where something seemed like a really good idea, only to find it was the complete opposite? I have quite a lot of these moments, but when you add my inherent clumsiness into the mix, you have a recipe for potential disaster.

This morning, saw me get into another rather sticky situation, and to date, it is probably one of my best, or should that be my worst clumsy moments, thus far.

If you happen to know me, you will know that I am rarely without a scarf around my neck. I love them and have rather a lot. Now if I were sensible, I would have them hanging nicely, rather like these ones (which are obviously not mine):

Where are my scarves stashed away? In a drawer, of course. Now this is really not a good idea, first they get screwed up, and second the drawer had got to the point of being rather full and not closing properly, which is where my 'good idea' began.

I didn't have too much that needed doing before the morning school run, so whilst finding a scarf to go with today's outfit, I decided to sort the drawer out a bit. It went well, let's face it, there's not too much that can go wrong when tidying a drawer now is there...well, there is if it's me doing the tidying. Whilst, fishing through the drawer, I realised I'd lost one of my scarves and decided that perhaps it had got pushed down the back of the drawer. Bit of a problem here, as my drawers don't pull all the way out very easily. Not one to be put off by an obstacle, I decided in my infinite wisdom to simply stick my arm through the gap at the back. Bad idea, very, very bad idea.

I had a good old fish around that gap, but couldn't locate the missing scarf, which was a tad disappointing, but then the error of my judgement struck, because when I went to remove my arm from the drawer it wasn't going anywhere. Fair enough, I thought to myself, it wasn't the greatest of ideas after all, but it went in, so it has to come back out, somehow. I tried again, nothing and again, and again, and again, still my arm was stuck. Pulled the drawer out a little more, still stuck and I was beginning to wonder if I was destined to spend the rest of my life with a 7 drawer chest of drawers on the end of my arm. I had a go at pulling my arm out, twisting it, but it really was well and truly jammed. Now I realise I am not normal, but I am quite concerned with the next solution that popped into my head; quite calmly, I found myself thinking, 'Well, as a last resort, I may just have to break my arm to get it out. It might hurt a bit, but at least it will be out.' Having realised that this would be a huge inconvenience (how would I manage the school run with my arm in plaster, not to mention how do I tell the hospital staff exactly how I broke my arm), I tried shutting the drawer a little and hey presto, my arm was released.

That, I can tell you, was something of a huge relief! As you can see, I still have my arm and it is still very much in one piece; though it is a tad sore and has a couple of wee marks on it, but otherwise it is still in good working order. I think my bog standard saying of 'Ooh, that's going to bruise' is pretty much a certainty, but at least this time I will remember what I did.

Run Jump Scrap!

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