Sunday 5 February 2017

Only in My Dreams!

I have a lot of dreams, many I don't remember, some that I do and others that are so vivid, I remember them for years; like the one where I was being chased around the living room by a giant wooden pelican. I have no idea why the pelican was wooden, nor do I know what it was doing in my living room, but I do have a bit of a bird phobia, so perhaps something was worrying me at the time.

Then there was the one I told a snake off for trying to eat a person. It really was a very naughty snake.

Anyway, the one thing that is certainly true of most of my dreams is that they are usually very, very odd. So this morning when  my alarm very rudely woke me up, I was a little put out because I was having the most fabulous and crazy dream of the year; thus far at least!

Now before you get excited, please remember, it is not that kind of a blog, so apologies to any of you lovelies expecting a 50 Shades type dream, but it was better than that, well depending on your point of view, it was certainly more interesting, or should that be amusing? I'll let you make your own mind up.

Now I can't remember all of it, just the bits before I was woken, but it was fabulous because I found the most wonderful little street that backed on to a little alley type thing that overlooked the sea. The front of the street was full of quaint little restaurants and cafes (I'm guessing I was probably hungry). It was really rather lovely and I was having a jolly nice time exploring, thank you very much.

Whilst exploring, I discovered the most fabulous bistro type place complete with that rather charming young barman,  Merlin from the First Dates Restaurant/ Hotel. He was, as always very courteous and most helpful when I asked if my Little Orange Dog could join me at a table. As you can imagine, both Max and I were thrilled when he said 'Yes'. What more could a girl and her dog want?

Now it gets a bit foggy here, because I'm not sure if Max and I had sat at a table of if we'd gone for a wander, as you do, but all of a sudden we're looking out at a view, not of the sea, but of a massive swimming pool.

The view was indeed very similar to this, just minus the sea in the background; oh and more importantly, minus the people in the pool. People would most certainly, not want to be swimming in the pool of my dream! Why on earth not, you may ask. Well the pool was already in use by some rather interesting swimmers. When I say interesting, I mean very interesting. Swimming up and down the lanes in a very disciplined and orderly manner were, dolphins, seals and Great White Sharks. I must say the seals looked a little out of place, but the sight of the dolphins and sharks was perfectly normal to me (in my dream state). However, I did become very alarmed when both the seals and dolphins did that thing of swimming out of the water and on to the edge of the pool.

Obviously, they were both fine with it, given they're mammals, but the sharks, clearly feeling the peer pressure, felt forced into following suit and believe me, they were not looking very well at all. It was most distressing, I can tell you. I'm not sure what happened after that, because the radio started playing and after a moment or two, I realised it was time to wake up. I do hope those poor sharks managed to get back in the pool though.

Someone, please tell me I am not alone in having crazy dreams!

Sparkles At Midnight

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