Tuesday 2 August 2016

A New Adventure

Well, I finally bit the bullet and decided now was the right time to join a fairly well known greetings card company as an Independent Trader. I just love cards!

I've been considering it for the best part of a year, but was put off having previously worked similar roles selling books and cosmetics. Honestly, I take my hat off to all you amazing Avon Reps, I ended up spending more than I made because I loved the products a little bit too much, a trait that my eldest daughter has now inherited (the excitement on her face when the Avon brochure arrives is truly something to behold). Anyway, once again I digress.

So why now? Well, I need to work more hours, but as a single parent and an only child with elderly parents the other side of the county, I also have to consider childcare. I have been super lucky in landing a fabulous job at my youngest daughter's school as a Midday Meals Supervisor. I love it and absolutely do not want to leave, but finding work that fits around both the girls and my current role is a bit troublesome. With this in mind I began researching flexible self-employed work again and discovered a number of options that might suit. I spent a lot of time researching the ones that I thought might work for me, but finally decided on cards. Given my lifelong obsession with anything and everything vaguely stationery related, it really seemed like the most natural choice.

So I've now done almost a month and can honestly say, it suits me really well. Am I going to be a millionaire this time next year? I can almost certainly say, no! Am I going to work my socks off, have fun and meet lots of new people? I can give you a most definite, yes!

So if you're thinking of doing something similar, research, research, research. There are lots of fabulous websites out there advertising flexible work for us mummies from cosmetics, to jewellery, to homewares to health supplements. You name it it's there! And yes of course I'll keep you updated with my progress.

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