Sunday 28 August 2016


Our little orange doggy is gorgeous. He loves cuddles and going out for walks, he loves saying hello to other dogs (well apart from his niece, he still doesn't like her) and he loves his food. He also loves his toys.

Max has a favourite toy; his plush burger and yes he will eventually devour it in an attempt to remove the squeaker, but that's fine because they only cost £2 each from the lovely Pets At Home store. Other than tearing it apart he likes to chase it around the house in his version of 'fetch'.

Left to his own devices, he will quite happily push it down the stairs with his nose, chase after it, retrieve it then run back to the top of the stairs and start all over again. He can keep himself amused for quite some time doing this, but the minute he manages to get a human involved it all changes.

The first thing you'll hear is a squeak and Max will put the burger by your feet. Now, you have to be quick here because if you're not, fetch turns straight into chase. He then does the normal doggy thing of looking expectant whilst waiting for you to throw his toy...and his off and...well the photo below says it all really.
My burger!

At this point whom so ever is playing 'fetch' with him, will be calling him to bring the burger back to be thrown again; all I can say is good luck because this is the face you get ...

No, I told you already it is my burger!

Eventually, he'll bring the burger back to you, but won't let you pick it up and runs around the coffee table with it until he's satisfied that you've lost interest in his toy. Then guess what? Squeak, look down at your feet and there's the burger, with Max looking at you wanting it to be thrown again.

So to clarify, Max's version of fetch:

  1. Pick up burger quickly and throw.
  2. Ask Max to return burger.
  3. Watch Max chew burger.
  4. Max brings burger back, changes game to chase.
  5. You lose interest.
  6. Max returns burger to be thrown.
  7. Return to step 1.

What I'm wondering is, does anyone else have a dog that does this, or do I just have an exceptionally daft/ cheeky dog? Answers in the comments section please :-)

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