Wednesday 31 August 2016

Shower Time

I've been trying to coax Max into the shower for a few days now, but failed miserably every time. The problem being, that he knows the only time he is allowed in my bedroom is when he gets showered in my en-suite bathroom. However, today I had my secret weapon to hand, or rather Lydia, and with a joint effort we managed to get him in to the shower room.

I was rather surprised, given that previously I'd not been able to get him through the bedroom door, to then find him wagging his tail in front of the shower. I have a sneaking suspicion that he thought it was Lydia who was being showered and not himself, but he was sadly mistaken!

We got him in the shower and his tail stopped wagging, but he was good as gold and just sat there looking a little bit unhappy and slightly concerned about what was coming next.

He was such a cooperative little boy when I was lathering him up...

...and he didn't seem too fed up about being rinsed off, which was just as well as it took a lot longer to make sure all those bubbles were gone.

Then we were done and he could escape the shower and seek refuge in his big blue towel. We gave him a bit of a rub down, but he's a dog and you know that he was just dying to shake it off, and who are we to ruin his doggy fun; especially after we'd just forced him to be cleaned.

After a good shake, Max was fully energised and in full play mode, running around the house, rolling on the carpet (always a good way to dry yourself a bit more, apparently) and then grabbing his toy burger for a spot of fetch. This lasted for about 10 minutes, non-stop and now having worn himself out he's sulking on the sofa and looking rather fluffy.

Is it just me, or does he look a little disgusted? Oh well, at least he doesn't stink anymore and we don't need to repeat the process for a few months, hopefully  ;-)

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