Sunday 7 August 2016

Teen Comms

I have to honest and say, we've not really done too much this week. Miss D is now a teen and, therefore, has her own social life which only requires my services as taxi driver and cook. So off she and her friend trot, (after I've dropped them off at McDonald's, of course) into town to watch Finding Dory, whilst Miss L and I potter around Morrison's - Please see equation below for explanation of aforementioned shopping trip:

Muggy, windy weather (School holidays + increased noise levels) = greater consumption of paracetalmol

So the first thing I've asked Miss D when she told me of her plans, was 'What time do you think you'll be home?' Reply, 'Oh we'll probably only be out for about three hours.' This is the longest three hours known to man. I drop them off at 12pm. 3pm comes and goes with a phone call asking if she can have a sleepover with her friend that night.
 Me: 'Yes you can, but check Dad is OK with it because you're meant to be having dinner with him tonight and do you need me to pick you up?' 
Miss D: 'OK I'll call Dad and ask him now. No I don't need a lift yet'. 
Goes very quiet on the taxi service front and Max is looking at me with a look that says, 'For goodness sake woman, I need a walk, like an hour ago!' 

It's now 5.15pm so I text 'Do you need collecting yet?' No reply, look at Max, he's too cute to ignore and also probably in dire need of a walk so that he can relieve himself. Decide to walk Max, so off Miss L and I go, with dog in tow (well to be more accurate, off Max goes with his two humans in tow). Dog walk almost over, my phone rings.
Miss D : 'Where are you?' 
Me: 'Walking the dog, do you need picking up?' 
Miss D; 'No we're outside the house. Sorry I forgot to tell you we were walking!' 

Anyway, eventually we all ended up at the house and she got her bits together for the sleepover. Thankfully she enjoyed the film, which is just as well, as Miss L wants to see it (ok, I confess, I do too) so she's going to have to watch it again with us next week.

So once again, off they trot (thankfully taxi service is not required this time).

Next day, I decide that the the sleepover, was probably more of an 'awakeover' and decide to write the morning off. The last thing I need is a grumpy over-tired teenager, winding up her younger sibling. So put off plans to meet up with friends until the afternoon.

Still no sign of teenager at 11am. Decide to leave it twenty minutes (they might still be asleep), then text.

Me: Hi. Just taking dog out. Do you want to go to the beach this afternoon?
Miss D : Yeah xxx
Me: When are you coming home?Xxx
Miss D : Between half 1 and 2 xxx
Me : Can you be back here for 2 so we can go?
A few other questions later
Miss D : OK xxx

Did she get back before 2pm? Yes, of course she did and she had a good night. I was right, it was an 'awakeover', they didn't go to sleep until 3am, but that's the fun part of sleepovers. Was she grumpy? Surprisingly not, but she did take herself off to bed before 8pm that night.

So to end my baby is growing up and getting more independent and that's an exciting time for her. As amusing as I found this episode, it's also shown me just how important mobile phones and, particularly texting have become and whilst talking face to face with our children is vitally important, embracing technology and keeping the lines of communication open whilst they're out and about is a really useful tool. Just make sure they have their phones fully charged before they leave the house!

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