Monday 1 August 2016

I Must Try Harder

I must try harder
I must try harder
I must try harder
I must try harder

Okay so you get the idea. I have given myself lines because I have been such a lazy moo not writing posts for my blog, and (you guessed it) I must try harder.

And it's not really because I've been too busy, though of an evening my laptop does tend to get commandeered by a certain youngest child. Bit of an aside, but anyone who has read a lot of Bronte or Austen novels will know that the youngest daughter was referred to as Miss (enter Christian name here), whilst the oldest is referred to as Miss (enter Surname here). As I say bit of an aside, but I rather like it and may use it in future posts. Since all of our names start with the same letter it can get a little confusing at times. 

Anyhow, back to the's not even that I've been that busy. I think it's more to do with me thinking that I don't have anything to write about that is of any interest to anyone, but me. Actually, that is the real issue, because it's not about writing for other people, it's about writing for me and reminding myself of this should help me to write more consistently. If people are kind enough to take an interest, that's fabulous, but it's not my main motivation (let's be honest, we all want our blogs to be read and enjoyed by others). However, my main objective is to use this blog as an outlet for things that may otherwise get stuck in my head (and no doubt over analysed to the point I can no longer see the wood for the trees) and for things I want to remember, such as time spent with my girls, days out, places we've been and some of the ridiculous things my mother has said. It's a place where I can reflect and try out new things.

So you see, I really must try harder.

Now, having established with myself, that I need to make a whole lot more effort with posting regularly, I need to decide on the next step. What am I going to do to make sure I do write regularly? Well, I am not really one for setting myself goals, but sometimes they are a bit of a necessity and seeing as I am currently failing miserably, goals are most certainly called for. 

Goal 1 Write at least one post a week for a month - diarise so accountable

Goal 2 Do not give up on Goal 1

Goal 3 After one month aim to write at least two posts a week for a month - also diarise so accountable

Finally, give permission to friends with blogs to nag me relentlessly to achieve said goals. Note to self: this could be a slightly dodgy decision, given sarcastic (tongue in cheek) nature of friendships, be prepared for lots of abuse and banter.

I'm really going to have to be more organised and strict with myself, which is a good thing as I have struggled adapting my routine since April when I started work as a dinner lady (or as we are now called, Midday Meals Supervisor). I adore my job, I love the kids and the school, but that chunk out of the middle of my day has somewhat thrown me; although I am equally thrown by not having to rush out to school in the middle of the day because of the summer holidays. I'm also having to fit in my self employed work as an Independent Phoenix Trader and working as taxi driver, PA, housekeeper, cook etc to the girls (honestly, I wish my social life was as interesting as theirs). So reorganising my time and routine can only be a positive. As they say a change is as good as a rest.

So here's to a new start and I will try harder!

Update : October 2016

Well I have to say, I have surpassed my own expectations of myself. Since writing this post back in August, I have managed to stick to and exceed my goals. I am writing at least two posts a week, and am using social media more. I am particularly fond of Twitter at the moment. 

A huge thank you to all the lovely bloggers, who've helped me along the way and have let me join in chats on Twitter. You've really made me feel welcome! An especially big thank you to Martyn of Inside Martyn's Thoughts for his advise and patience. Please do pop over to his amazing blog.

So here's to many more months of happy blogging ;-)

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  1. Aw thanks for the mention! Although does this give permission to nag you to do more?