Saturday 13 August 2016

Meet Max's Niece

Yes Max is an Uncle; well a half Uncle. Max's big sister Darcy had a litter of two pups earlier this year, both girls, both Ruby and Whites, both cute as buttons.

My mum lost her Cocker Spaniel some time ago now and has really missed him. Growing up we were never without a dog in the house. Mum had spent time visiting rescue centres and did indeed rescue a little dog whom she was told was fine with cats. She wasn't fine, and having attacked both cats they had to return her to the centre. This really broke mum's heart and she was a bit put off rescuing again in case the same thing happened.

Enter the pups. Now as I've already said in a previous post we had a King Charles Spaniel then a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when I was growing up and my mum has always wanted another one. Max was the model pup, doing very little chewing of anything he shouldn't (only real casualties are three of the four corners of my coffee table and even they aren't too bad) and generally being very laid back. Considering how good Max was/is, mum decides (with persuasion from the three of us) to give a home to one of the pups, Winnie.

Winnie is a sweet girl, she's full of puppy love and puppy kisses and loves to play with anyone who is willing. It goes without saying, that like all Cavi's she loves a lap to cuddle up on. However, laid back like her Uncle Max, she is most certainly not! She's actually a bit of a pickle. She has chewed far more than Max ever did (including tearing some of the wallpaper off the wall - interior decorating canine style), jumping the stair gate (before mastering staircase descents) and stealing dad's sandwich. Oh and one I really wish I'd seen, tying my mum up in knots by running round and round her legs on her extendable lead!

We all think she's adorable though, well apart from Max. Max doesn't think she is adorable at all. He thinks she is the very epitome of annoying! Now, much as I love Winnie, I do see why Uncle Max finds her irritating and doesn't like her. If she were trying to swing on my ears, I wouldn't be happy either. I think she's just a little too energetic for her Uncle at the moment.

So that's Winnie, a little bundle of love and energy. I just hope Max doesn't mind me posting her pictures on his page!

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