Tuesday 9 August 2016

Giveaway Time

Well, I am just so in love with all these beautiful cards, that it seems rude not to share them with you. So with that in mind, it seems the best way to share is to run a giveaway. So what am I giving away?

Special Occassions

Well the winner will be able to choose any ten cards of their own choice, the only condition being that they must be from the non-Christmas range and should be priced at £1.75 per card (this is actually the majority of stock, so you should have plenty to choose from). The range is extensive and the quality of the cards is beautiful, from the artwork to the feel of the card they've been printed on. Just take a look at my website and make a note of your favourites https://www.phoenix-trading.co.uk/web/lisadeller/

There are cards to suit every occassion and every recipient. From childrens cards:

To cards for the men in your life:

And everything in between.

I'm also giving away a Little Woodland Animals Colour-In Frieze Card to keep the little ones busy.

Don't forget to check back here to see if you've won. Good Luck All :-)

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  1. I would choose

    L264 Party Cats
    L275 Lazy Cats Days
    WS388 Rolo and Midge
    S224 Blue Tits and Blossom
    A135 Birds and Leaves
    WS406 White Owl
    WS343 Birds and Dragonflies
    A167 Scarlet Poppies
    TF23 Red Poppies and Butterflies
    A182 Favourite Wild Flowers

  2. I'd choose these from your wonderful selection x LS81, LS80,C009,WS162, AL50,DC68, DC70 T32, A077, JY57. Lovely, so much beautiful choice x

  3. I would choose:
    WS435 Thank you very much
    A113 Carrier Bag Birthday
    LS85 Birthday Chocolates
    WS356 Birthday Shoe
    WS337 Birthday Flowers
    WS286 Bus and Taxi Birthday
    A121 Gaming Sofa Birthday
    LS64 Pretty Balloons
    A120 Happy Anniversary
    wA328 Thank you Flowers

  4. I would choose.
    WS189 Happy birthday presents
    WS275 Little birdies
    JD06 Taking a nap
    WS442 Lovebirds on a bicycle
    A167 Scarlett poppies
    A191 Harbour town
    WS503 Harbour boats
    A209 Three beach huts
    DC62 Noah's arc
    A129 Pink butterfly

  5. i would love these -
    LS42 the football
    LS69 rocket man birthday
    LS90 birthday crocodile
    A141 happy birthday pirate
    A233 Hedgehog Amongst the Flowers
    WS340 Woodland birthday
    DC75 birthday car
    S275 birthday footballers
    WS459 baby suits
    L300 guitar birthday

  6. I would pick:

    Ws407 the moose of motivation
    Ws457 wish upon a star
    A142 under construction
    A198 a-z of pirates
    Dc73 pirates in a box
    A241 dragon castle
    Dc62 Noah's ark
    A141 happy birthday pirate
    A213 pony girl birthday
    Dc33 happy birthday fairies

    Thank you :)

  7. WS286 Bus and Taxi Birthday
    LS77 Two
    DC75 Birthday Car
    WS430 Happy Birthday Cars
    LS80 Birthday Presents
    DC66 Happy Birthday Balloons
    LS81 Birthday Celebration
    A076 Decorative Birthday
    SP46 The Big Birthday Countdown
    SP49 Birthday Countdown

    Fingers crossed! :)

  8. A209 Three beach huts
    A215 Sending Birthday Wishes
    S250 Wine O'Clock
    A186 Swanage Beach
    L299 Seashore
    W352 Boats by the Harbour Steps
    WS403 Inner Harbour
    A134 Dogs in the Park
    L307 Krazee Kats
    S255 Aircraft

  9. Rafflecopter Name - EJ Dunn

    LS80 Birthday Presents
    C009 Happy Birthday
    WS162 Birthday Cupcake
    S274 Birthday Crossword
    WS407 The Moose of Motivation
    WS333 The Sky Is The Limit
    WS348 Good Friends Are Like Stars
    WS313 Day Over Fabulous
    WS297 Birthday Tree
    A209 Three Beach Huts

  10. I'd choose....

    A121 Gaming Sofa Birthday
    WS353 Happy Birthday (Dots)
    LS20 Butterfly Cupcakes
    LS42 The Football
    LS49 Lots of Luck in Your New Home
    WS356 Birthday Shoe
    A215 Sending Birthday Wishes
    DC49 Birthday Beers
    A209 Three Beach Huts
    L312 Birthday Candles :D :D :D :D

  11. My choice would be:
    WS270 Happy First Birthday
    WS145 Bunting
    AL50 Birthday Slice
    CO05 50th
    WS275 Little Birdies
    WS435 Thank You Very Much
    CO08 80th
    A241 Dragon Castle
    T31 My Pony
    A103 Flower Buckets

  12. I would like :
    Three Beach Huts, Time for Wine, Butterfly Baskets, Save Water-Drink Champagne.
    Wine O'Clock, Good Friends are like Stars, Birthday Cocktail, Birthday Cupcake,
    Birthday Wishes Just for You, Thank you Very Much.

  13. Animal Birthday Wishes
    Dragonflies and Flowers
    Woodland Birthday
    It's Your Birthday
    Tree of Birds
    Welcome Little One
    With Sympathy
    Happy Anniversary Hearts
    Happy Wedding Day

  14. I would choose:
    The birthday Topiary
    Birthday Chocolates
    Birthday Animals
    Thank you very much
    Tree of Birds
    Sending a smile
    Tree of thoughts
    Good Luck Wishes
    Cocktail Celebration
    Thank you! :)

  15. I would choose Birthday Slice,Happy Birthday,Sending Birthday Wishes,A221 Little Woodland Animals Birthday,Birthday Chocolates,Hedgehog Amongst the Flowers,Birthday Hedgehogs,Birthday Presents,
    Birthday Flowers and Birthday Mobile (kim styles)

  16. I would choose: The Sky is the Limit, Good Friends are Like Stars, Birthday Candles, Camper Van Birthday, Birthday Tea, A bit of Retail Therapy, Beach Huts on the Seashore, Two Birds on a Tree, If Friends were Flowers and New Home. What a beautiful collection of cards! :)

  17. L264 Party Cats
    L302 Party Pooches
    T31 my Pony
    A066 Fun with Technology
    WS383 Horses
    A203 Dinosaurs
    WS348 Good Friends Are Like Stars
    WS377 Follow Your Dreams
    S243 You're My Sunshine
    L317 Birds and Bees