Wednesday 28 September 2016

A Public Apology to My Teen

I have an apology to make to Miss. D. You see, she has been looking through my blog, apparently with a fine tooth comb, and has picked up on an absolutely dreadful error. It's almost too terrible to return to; I am so racked with guilt. I cannot believe I did this. I am a terrible mother!

What on earth have you done that is so bad (you terrible mother)? Well I have wrongly taken credit for doing something I do not do. I am so embarrassed.

Some time ago , I wrote a post entitled Back to School - Back to Normal. I rambled on about stuff and nonsense, in my usual manner, and in doing so I inadvertently took credit for a task that Miss. D does. To be fair, I wasn't aware that I don't do this particular task, but according to her, I do not, and since she is a teen, it goes without saying, she knows better than I!

I am very fortunate that I have such a fabulous daughter to proof read my posts for me. Were it not for her, I would never have discovered my faux pas and it would have sat there, hidden from me for ever.

So what exactly have I done?

I incorrectly stated that I make the packed lunches! As Miss. D has so kindly pointed out to me, all I actually do is make the sandwiches. She comes down in the morning and kindly finishes them; this requires the gathering together of the remaining elements of said packed lunch (fruit, cereal bar, cherry tomatoes etc) and putting them in the box (or carrier bag, which is way cooler than a lunch box if you happen to be at secondary school...I know, I don't get it either).

Now I'll be honest , I do feel the worst part of making packed lunches is the sandwich making element, but again, I am not a teenager and, therefore, accept that I am most likely wrong and ever so slightly misguided in my opinion. Also,as a slight aside, Miss. L knows whom it was who finished her packed lunch from the number of grapes she gets. I am much more generous on the grape front than her big sister. However, that is just me being picky.

So my darling Miss. D, I am sorry, I apologise to you unreservedly for trying to steal your thunder. You are fabulous and make the best packed lunches in the World!

Alright, so this is ever so slightly over the top and incredibly tongue in cheek, but on a serious note, I am very lucky to have two amazing daughters. They both help around the house in their own ways. Miss. D is not so great at housework, but she does indeed help me out a lot with the packed lunches and dog walking. Miss. L loves getting her hands on a duster or the vacuum cleaner. It may not be done quite to my standard, but do you know what? It doesn't matter and I'm grateful for all their help. They are both so amazing and I am very proud of them.

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