Thursday 8 September 2016

Back to School - Back to Normal

Well, we've almost done it. We have (almost, because it's not quite Friday) survived the first week back at school after the long summer break.

The girls seem to have taken to it better than I have. Miss D is her usual studious self. She gets herself up early to get ready for school, goes off with no complaints whatsoever and never has to be asked to do homework or revision.A slight aside, but on the rare occasion that she is poorly, I have to send her back up to her room to change out of her uniform and go back to bed. That said, Little Miss L is starting to get up earlier now; although she is really not a morning person, so she tends to be a little grumpy until we actually get out on the school run. Oh and of course two days in and she has spent most of the day sitting the various papers that make up the Kent Test (11+). Her verdict, 'It wasn't easy, but it wasn't too difficult.' I'm not entirely sure what to make of that comment, so will pass judgement when the results arrive in October, but having done her best, I'll be happy whatever the result.

I must confess, I am struggling to get back into my 'normal' routine, not helped by the first day of Miss. L's school year starting on a Tuesday. I can't cope, it's thrown me out completely.  I almost missed a Doctor's appointment because it was booked for Wednesday (yesterday) and I thought yesterday was Tuesday. Does that make sense? You see, I really am confused! I made it, thankfully, with help from the lovely K who collected Miss. L from school. She is such a lifesaver!

It's not just forgetting what day of the week it is though. It's all those little things you have to do when the kids are back at school. Of course there is the alarm going off before 6:30am (urgh) and the school runs, but there are all those little things you don't need to worry about during the holidays. Once this week I have remembered to plait Miss L's hair before we have to leave the house. We've been rushing out of the door with me shouting, 'Don't forget to pick up your hairbrush and hairband.' Is it just me that can't remember to do such a simple thing? I think it is, I've not noticed any other mummies attempting to plait very long hair in the confines of a little car (a challenge in itself).

Oh and let's not forget the packed lunches! Now, I am absolutely sure it's not just me, who really dislikes making packed lunches. It's crazy really, because if I timed it, I would probably find that it takes less than 10 minutes to make, and yet those are the dullest 10 minutes of the day! However hard I try I just cannot find a way of making this particular job interesting and fun to do. Suggestions in the comments box, please!

And of course there are the weekly chores. I love the summer break, because it means less ironing. Most of the girls summer clothes don't require any ironing (fabulous), but school uniform is another matter. So it's back to weekends of ironing pleats into skirts and pressing blouses, ready for Monday morning and do not forget to clean and polish those school shoes!

But the biggest thing, that I'm struggling with, is not having the girls around as much. Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased they're back at school (I don't have to hang around waiting for them to get ready just so I can walk our Little Orange Dog), but it's still strange after so many weeks of us being together. The house seems a little too quiet and I don't have to clean up after them as much. We've had a lot of fun these holidays with days out, seeing friends and a spot of crafting and I intend to keep it up. No more wasting the weekends! Of course, now that I've just put it in black and white, I am now accountable to all you lovelies to keep to my word.

And do you know something? Ssshhhhhh, don't tell anyone else, but there are only six weeks until the next school break ;-)

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