Wednesday 14 September 2016

I'm a Blogger?

I thought it was about time I addressed this one, as I have had a few conversations with a certain blogger who has to remind me that I am a blogger. Eek! My response is usually, no I'm not, I just have a blog, to which his response is, 'You have a blog, therefore, you are a blogger.'

He's right of course. I do indeed have a blog and I do try to post regularly, so why do I not consider myself to be a blogger?

Well although I started the blog a while ago, it wasn't until July that I really started to get serious about it. And by serious, I mean posting regularly and making myself accountable to three friends already blogging. That was a good move as I can also pick their brains and pick away I do, but my goodness, what a can of worms this blogging lark is! 

You start out thinking, oh this will be easy. I'll just document all that stuff I want to remember (but know I won't if I simply commit it to memory), and then perhaps I'll post it and maybe the lovely public may want to take a look. It's really not that simple, at least it wasn't for me. Just taking that step to make the blog public was a huge thing, it took me a long time. I started a couple of times the previous year, but just didn't feel able to make it public and deleted it. It wasn't until I got chatting to a real life blogger, that I felt able to go for it, or at least think about it more seriously. 

So it's now been a couple of months and I can honestly say, I've got the bug! I love it. I love the freedom of being able to get all my thoughts down in print, watching the words form on the screen in front of me. Most of all, I love knowing that I am making a record of my little family's life together, the highs, lows and everything in between, but I know I have a lot more work to do.

There's the social media work, I'm not great at this, but at least it doesn't scare the life out of me and I can work the basics out for myself. Coding, that's what scares me. Do I need to learn to do this? How do I learn to do this? I'm not sure my grade 4 CSE in Computer Studies is going to cut it (let's face it, it's a particularly rubbish grade and back then we were programming in BASIC, and I really didn't enjoy it).

Anyway, I am now compiling a list of things I want and/ or need to know (let's face it, I've started this journey, so I may as well do it properly). Here is my list, thus far:

  • Coding - find out how much of this mysterious language, I need to know.
  • Social media - find out how to best utilise the various platforms
  • Linkys - what are they?
  • Triberr - find out more about this (rather excited about this one)
  • Blogger v. Wordpress - if and when is the best time to migrate
  • Everything else I've forgotten or not yet discovered
So that's my list, which is bound to grow. I hope that once I have completed some of these items and feel a little more knowledgeable, I will finally consider myself to be a blogger.


  1. Yay! There's a list that all bloggers follow.....a friend did a tongue in cheek post about it. (I'll find it and show you) but one of the items is "I'll make blogger" so just writing this post makes you a blogger.

    Also am I the blogger friend? Does that mean I'm right? That's rare...and you've written it!

    Good list to have too but I wouldn't worry about coding. You really don't need it. The others are more important but I can help you there!

    1. Haha Mr. Kitney, yes you are, but didn't want to name you as I knew your head would horribly expand, thereby trapping you within your home :-p

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