Friday 2 September 2016

Birthday Blooms

As a single mummy, okay as a mummy, full stop...I generally, find that my kids are out and about more than I am and that their social lives are far more interesting than my own. I don't really mind this too much, it's part of growing up, making new friends and developing personality and independence etc. I'm generally quite happy at home on my own, reading, crafting (I am so getting into this crafting lark) and walking our little orange dog, but sometimes, it is nice to get out and see other adults.

So how thrilled was I to get a text from one of my best friends in the world, inviting some of the 'girls' round to her house on Friday for a belated birthday celebration. I can't wait, within minutes of receiving said text, I'd managed to persuade the girls dad to have them for a few hours (not that it took much persuasion) and texted back with a big, fat YES count me in! Next was the gift.

Now, cards are not a problem in this house, thanks to my lovely little business selling them (have you visited my website yet? You really should, there's a lovely little link in the top left of the page for it, give it a click). Gosh that was very cheeky of me, wasn't it? Anyway, back to the gift. I was a little stumped to be honest. This friend is so special that I didn't want to get anything too run of the mill, but then a sudden surge of inspiration hit and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

So whilst out in town and having purchased hair dye (I need to make sure I look lovely for our girls night) I popped into Wilkinson's to get some craft supplies for my birthday project.

Back home and a dog walk later, it was time to get started. First off, get all my bits and bobs ready and think about how I'm going to arrange it.

And then the best part, gluing, with my new best crafty friend, glue gun! I do like a bit of gluing, I find it very relaxing. Lydia also seemed to enjoy the gluing she was doing finishing off her decoupage lizard (once it's finished properly, I will do a separate lizard post).

I started off with the main focal point then checked it in the frame to see what, if anything, needed to be added. Libby suggested some jute ribbon around the edges, so I added that. It looked nice, but it was still missing something...of course buttons (I just love buttons) so they were added too and well, here's the finished result.

I just hope the birthday girl likes it.

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