Wednesday 7 September 2016

Max's Favourite Spot

Little Orange Dog has a few favourite places to sit. Obviously, the first is a lap; any lap, it doesn't really matter to whom the lap belongs, so long as it's comfy and not likely to need to move for quite some time. Next is the sofa. We have three, which I realise sounds greedy, but we have one in the playroom and two in the living room. Max likes to stretch himself out and have a whole sofa to himself if possible, or curl up in a corner and rest his head on the arm.

What do you mean, it is my sofa!

Sometimes, he just likes to curl up on his own cosy cushion...

This is quite comfy too!

...but Max has another favourite place to sit and almost every time I go out I find him in this spot when I return. 

So where else does he sit? On the stairs, of course. I can only imagine it's because he has full view of the front door and he can keep watch for me, but it does rather remind me of Kermit the Frog. Please bear with me here.  You see, as a child of the '70's I was a huge Muppet fan and still am. I watched it every week and had the songs on a cassette (anyone else remember those?). Anyway, one song has always stuck in my mind and every time I have to step over Max, either on my way up, or down the stairs it springs to mind (and then stays there for the rest of the day). It was a song sung by Kermit's nephew, Robin and it was called 'Halfway Up The Stairs' If you are not familiar with it, Robin sings about how he likes to sit, well, halfway up the stairs.

So, not a little frog, but a little dog (not quite sitting) Halfway Up The Stairs.

'There isn't any other stair, quite like it'

Cute isn't he?

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