Thursday 22 September 2016

Do You Know What To Do?

I've been a little quiet this week, which has probably been a bit of a blessing for you, lovely reader as it's given you a nice break from reading my rambling posts about all sorts of stuff and nonsense. Awfully, sorry to burst your bubble, but I've been away on a course and said course has got me thinking; and we all know what happens when I think, you get another post from me.

I think the picture at the top of the page gives it away a little, although I will excuse you if you know me well and, therefore, assume I have had yet another accident, but no, I have in fact been on a two day paediatric first aid course. Hence the plasters, because small people always need a plaster (or 5); some of them have a bit of a plaster obsession, don't they? Miss. L still loves a plaster. Any excuse and she's sticking one on! However, I digress, yet again.

I was asked to go on the course by my employer, along with a couple of my rather fabulous colleagues and I must confess, I did rather jump at the chance given that my current certificate expires this year (or maybe next year) and I really did need a refresher.

Off we all went to our two day training course armed with pens, notebooks and packed lunches; it is very important to eat, passing out on a first aid course is not good form, though it does give your fellow students an opportunity to practise the recovery position on you.

We spent the two days learning everything from primary and secondary surveys to CPR. We bandaged, we learnt about bleeds, shock, chocking, head injuries and...well there wasn't much that we didn't cover. And I'm pleased about that, because I know, that if needed I have the knowledge to deal with most situations including the really scary one, CPR, I hope I never have to, but I could.

But, it did get me thinking that were I not working with children, I wouldn't necessarily get this opportunity and without the knowledge I've gained over the past two days, I would likely panic and not be able to treat my own children should they have an accident.

Call 999 or 112 (a real paramedic will come, not a Playmobil one)
Well obviously, if  it was serious, I'd be calling the emergency services, but when, and what do I tell them? How calm would I manage to be?

If your child was choking, would you know what to do? How long should I cool that burn for? What if my child has stopped breathing? How serious is that bump on their head?

The problem with children is, they are curious and they do things and find things we could never dream they would; until of course we cast our minds back to our own childhoods. I was forever having accidents as a child and yes, I know, I am not much better now. A prime example from my own childhood as to how easily a small person can have an accident, is the time I broke my arm, jumping off the sofa! The point is children can have accidents anytime, anywhere and if we know what to do, it can make life an awful lot easier.

With that in mind, should you get an opportunity to attend a training course in first aid for children and babies, please do take it.

If you would like to find a course near you visit the Red Cross or St. John's Ambulance websites:

Red Cross:

St. John's Ambulance:

There are other providers, but these are the two I am aware of that offer training courses for the general public. You may find a course at your Adult Education Centre, or Children's Centre. If you know of other providers, please do add them in the comments section and I will update the post, accordingly (gosh that was awfully formal of me, wasn't it?).

So there you go, dear reader, my week of learning. I really hope that this post will help encourage parents to get some basic training, so that should you be faced with an incident, you'll feel confident in dealing with it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read today :-)

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