Monday 26 September 2016

Hello from Max!

Hello, Max here. Don't tell Mum that I have been using her laptop. She doesn't know that I am a clever boy. She thinks I am a bit stupid, but I'm not. I am clever!

Mum spends lots of time on laptop and I wanted to see what she has been doing. There are lot of pictures of me. I am a handsome boy! I know because Mum always tells me I am handsome! I love Mum so much! I want to be like Mum when I grow up, so I am helping her now by doing some writing for her. I am a helpful boy too! She will be very happy with me and I will get a treat.

She not give me many treats. She make me wait until I have been for a walk, then I get a treat. I like treats! Why do I not get more of them? Mum says I will turn into a footstool if I eat too much. I don't know what that is, but I think it doesn't get many treats. That is sad.

When Mum is on laptop, it look easy. Why it not easy for Max? My paws are bit big! Next time I will get Miss. L to help me. She talks dog, so she knows what I want her to say for me. I love her too. She plays games with me and she try to teach me tricks, but I not really like doing tricks.

Miss. D is nice too. I love her lots, but I growl at her because I seen how much she eats and I think she will take my food away or try to eat my toy burger. Mum never tells her she will turn into a footstool though. Why?

I got a cat too. She is called Sparkle. I want to be her friend. I try to play with her, but I no think she likes me. Sparkle always runs away and makes me feel sad. I just want to play!

Oh no! I hear Mummy coming back. I got to go now, I want to surprise her. I talk to you again soon.
Sssshhhhhh you not tell her what I done. Woof!


  1. Hi Max! Dont worry i wont tell your mum. I think its good to surprise her sometimes by writing these lovely posts for her.
    Dont be mean though. My furry baby likes to write on my blog too but he can be a tad mean at times and i have no idea why. Maybe its because i give him too many treats and hes become a rude boy?

    1. Thank you Martyn. I wuv you and will try be good boy. Woof.