Wednesday 16 November 2016

Celebrating Wednesday's #2

Well it's Wednesday again and here we are with this week's special day...and today it is...drum roll, please...

Button Day! Not social media buttons, chocolate buttons, nor belly buttons, no, just plain old buttons; the ones that get sewn on clothes, or in my case glued on to craft projects. I just love buttons and it seems that I am not the only one because there is a National Button Society. I know exciting isn't it.

I've always found buttons fascinating, though I'm not sure why. My mum used to have a tin filled with buttons (she probably still has it, though I've not seen it for years) and I would spend ages emptying it out on the carpet and looking at all the different buttons. There were very few matching ones, they were generally all different shapes, sizes and colours. As a young child it was like a treasure trove.

Now I have my own collection of buttons, a few are those spare buttons you get with coats and cardigans, but most are ones that I have purposefully bought for crafting projects. I had such fun making these heart canvases for my girls back in the summer.

I really do need to make some more of these, as I have three spare canvases and far too many buttons for my button box. Some, like my special ones have their own little pot. 

My special beads

I have yet to use these ones in a project yet. I feel a little torn as I want to use them, but I want to keep them...Dr BD made this pattern; I helped finish it off, or rather I interfered.

So there you have it since 1938, 16th November has been Button Day, so gather your buttons together and see what creative thing you can come up with to celebrate this special day.

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