Sunday 27 November 2016

Hard Work and Play Dates

Hello. I have pinched Mummy's laptop again while she is doing boring people stuff. I so glad  I not a people. Them is always having to do something.

Sometimes I try to help Mummy do her jobs. I bark at the the standy up thing that the clothes go on. Her put on the clothes and then push something called iron over clothes and then they look nice. I think that my barking helps, it makes iron scared so it goes faster!

Me also bark at the big noisy machine that attacks the floors. It takes me and Sparkle cat a lot of energy to shake our fur on carpet and just when we done good job, noisy machine eats our fluff and we have to start again. It really is very annoying! I talked to Sparkle cat and we don't know why we not allowed to just fluff on carpet. We think it makes our house look more welcoming. Maybe, it just a very hungry machine and just needs feeding?

Yesterday, Mummy and Miss. L went out. They not take me with them, but when they got back they had lots of bags with them. It was good, I could see food and smell food. I like food. Me really wanted to help to get the food out of those bags, but they said no, I not allowed to help. I like to help and I would have been good at helping. I was only going to nibble a few things, like the sausages because they smelt really yummy. Actually, they smelled yummy when they got cooked too, but Mummy wouldn't let me try them. That made me a bit sad, me thought sharing was caring, but them will not share people food with me. Well, I am not going to share my food with them.

It not all bad, though. Yesterday, Dr. BD came to see me. Him brought me some pretty flowers that Mummy put in water for me and me cuddled up on the sofa with him. Him is my Daddy, I love him lots.

Today, me had another surprise. Mummy didn't tell me I had a special friend coming to visit me, so when I heard someone at the door, I growled and barked. I have to pretend to be frightening because I love my peoples and want to keep them safe. Mummy opened the door and I was so excited, I almost wagged my orange tail off! Martyn had come to see me. Me like Martyn a lot because him always makes a big fuss of me and talk to me a lot. Also, him think I should have my own laptop. We had lots of fun and played fetch with my plush burger, but Mummy would interrupt our play date by talking to Martyn about blog stuff. I think Mummy thought he came to see her, but I know he came to see me. He is my friend. I was a bit sad when him had to go home and I did try to follow him, but Mummy not let me.

I wasn't sad for long though, Miss. L let me cuddle up on her lap and after all that playing, I am just a little bit tired now. Woof!

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