Tuesday 15 November 2016

One of Those Days?

I think today, may well be 'one of those days.' It started out as normal, I got myself up, showered and dressed then my hair decided it was not going to comply and wanted to remain a fluffy mess. Ten minutes later, I managed to persuade it into a ponytail and tamed it with a generous squirt of hairspray.

I went downstairs with the intention of loading the washing machine and feeding the animals only to realise I'd left the food pot for the cat upstairs (I measure out the dog and cat food into pots for the day; oh and the living room where the cat  has to eat on the windowsill out of dog's way, is on the first floor). Off I go, back up the stairs, put something away, get half way back down the stairs only to realise, I've not got what I went to get. If I had a pound for every time I do this I'd be rich, if I had two pounds for every time I've got all the way to the second floor and back and forgotten what I went for I'd be a millionaire! Eventually, I managed to get my act together and got back on track.

It was all looking good from there on in. I managed to walk the dog, put a load of washing on, finish off the packed lunches and do a bit of dusting all before the school run. Yes, I was well and truly back on track. Plenty of time to have breakfast and get a spot of blogging done before I going to work later in the morning, right? Wrong, so very, very wrong!

There I am parked up in the village hoping my 'admirer' doesn't come along (yes, I am still getting accosted, but I'll come back to that) tying Miss. L's hair up into a ponytail and just as I finish there's a dull thud on the car window. I look up, nothing on the windscreen and then I turn to look out of my window and I see it...the length of my window, top to bottom a huge runny bird poo and flying around above my car a flock of beastly gulls, whom I'm sure are laughing themselves stupid at their mates amazing aim! Now, I realise that it's supposed to be lucky, but I'm not so sure because this gull is clearly not well because when I get out of my car (to hide in my friends car - yes I am still hiding from my admirer) not only is it on my window, it is on the wing mirror and all over the door. What on earth has this creature eaten? I'm not really a bird fan anyway, but this is not helping to endear them to me.

I suppose there may be an element of luck, as I didn't get accosted today. I did yesterday though. I thought I'd got away with it because my admirer was just making his way home when I pulled into the street in the afternoon, but then he came back out again...I legged it out of my car with the briefest of 'hellos' before rushing off to the school, far too early. So that is why I am still hiding out in 'bad friend's' car of a morning (and the odd afternoon).

Anyway, back to this morning, my leisurely breakfast followed by a morning of being productive on the blog had to be pushed back so that the car could be cleaned. I could have done without that today, but I suppose it's another job out of the way. Even the car washing wasn't straight forward though, I had to swap the hoses over as I needed the long one to reach to the car (don't ask), but it kept getting all kinked and knotted up, so that took another ten minutes to sort out. Suffice to say, that the car is sort of washed because by this point I just wanted a cup of tea!

To be honest, having looked at the car dry, I can see that all I have really done is move the dirt around, but at least the bird poo is no longer and most of the mud is gone too, the rest of it is in a slightly different place. Oh well, I can always wash it again another day, let's face it, at this time of year, the car is going to collect more dirt every day.

By this point, I think that nothing else can possibly go wrong today, but it did and quite spectacularly, because I am now nursing a broken heart.

Not my own, I hasten to add, no it is my poor baby's heart. Who knew that being 'dumped' at the tender age of eleven could be so traumatic? Poor Miss. L, is so upset! She's had a big cuddle from Mummy and we did an emergency chocolate stock up at the corner shop en route home because, as all us girls know, chocolate can fix almost anything. She is now sat watching Disney Channel and has only eaten half her bar of Oreo Dairy Milk, so I think she'll get it over it fairly quickly. I am rather dreading the day when her little heart gets trampled on by a 'real' boyfriend in the future though. Honestly, I don't want to think about it!

Hopefully, this is all that Tuesday has to deliver and with any luck Wednesday will be kinder, it has to be doesn't it?

Run Jump Scrap!

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